Chapter One

Chapter One

Welcome to the Vegan Rises blog, where you’ll get insights about life from a light worker on planet Earth.

Did that go over your head?

If yes, then lets define a couple of words that you may or may not know.

A person that doesn’t eat or use animal products is VEGAN.

To those that are still like ?????????????

This means not eating meat, fish, chicken, seafood, pork and/or dairy products. It’s really not that challenging if you understand why people may transition to this kind of lifestyle.

Here are simple reasons why this still go the fuck over wanna be meat eaters’ head. It’s understandable at this point because the majority of foods you shouldn’t eat is fucking with your brain chemistry and will manifest in some form of discomfort in life. However, that’s none of my business.


It’s plain to see what’s up, yet the vegan community is small however we are on the rise. Hence the name, “Vegan Rises” because one day you will see a change coming to the planet as a whole.


There are many ways to embark on this journey that we call life. I pray the future blog entries will be enough to help you on your journey. Until next time ladies and gentlemen.

One more thing…..

Here’s a little vegan food porn to let you know how awesome vegan dining can be 🙂

light worki

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