Vegan Sexual Or Nah?

Vegan Sexual Or Nah?

Vegan Sexual Or Nah?

A relationship can be defined as an emotional or other connection between people. Side note, whenever you see the word between, you should be aware that it involves two people. This means that anything over two, then the word among should be used.

Why bring up the topic of vegan sexual?

Simply put, for most people deciding to adopt a vegan lifestyle will have to make a decision about their current love relationship with their lover or later love partner. The reason is because now that you’ve changed the way you eat, now you’ll have to figure out if you want to be involved in a love or sex relationship with someone who eats flesh or by products of flesh.

See how deep the rabbit hole can get?

Think about it. You decided to purge your system of the bad karma you’ve consumed majority of your life, now you potentially have to be mindful of the partner you exchange bodily fluids with due to what they put in their body. Whether you know it or not, their essence connects with you every time you connect, if it’s kissing, sexual intercourse, and other means.

So ask yourself……

Would you rather fall in love with someone not aligned with you or ascend in love with the person embarking on a similar journey as you?

I’ve personally declined sexual advances from females that eat flesh or eat animal by products because at the end of the day, it would’ve ended up nowhere and not attract to those not on a similar path. I’d only feel right with a woman who’s either plant based or vegan by choice.

The choice is yours…..

What has your love life been like since adopting the vegan lifestyle?


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