Destroy & Rebuild

Destroy & Rebuild

In life, we have important choices to make in order to help or deter our personal growth. A wise person once said that challenges doesn’t build character, it reveals character. This particular entry is inspired by a certain event which recently occurred in life with my cell phone.


How would you feel if your cell phone got restored due to an error from a software update and some of your information wasn’t able to be retrieved?

Let the story begin…… Lol

On Friday, the cellphone decided to update on its own while at the movies, however the battery was already at a low percentage. To save energy, I decided to put the cell on airplane mode. Later in the day, took it off airplane mode to continue the download. After that it asked to restart the cell in order to update everything. So, a brother is like “awesome” and finally gets this over with. Then, that’s where shit started to hit the fan.

The phone was unable to get a phone signal, unable to check text messages, no longer to call people, and certain apps didn’t work. LMAO, the positive side was wi-fi was still accessible to certain apps like email accounts. The great thing is having a landline still comes in handy when situations like this happen. After a long conversation with customer service from the phone provider, they informed me that one option would be to restore the phone from scratch or re-flash the system; however info already on the phone would remain.

It’s all fun and games until you travel for an hour to find out the truth are both methods would delete everything anyway……. However, the representative let me know the machine would back up photos, videos, and contacts. The same time he said that, I was thinking of creative ways to save the other files, which ended up working out. Unfortunately, the whole process took HOURS which had me there from about 11am to bout 6pm.

Needless to say, most people would be frustrated and furious. In my opinion, you have every right to be however it’s a matter of choice because of the free will we’re born with. You see, I was wondering the whole time why this situation occurred until it hit me that sometimes in life you have to DESTROY & REBUILD yourself in order to become stronger than who you were yesterday. A random lady with a cell challenge spoke to me and what I said made her feel better. What I said was “Unforeseen negative things happen to us to test our faith in the universe. You can let the negative energy hurt you or use it in order to help you create a better outcome for yourself.” Her eyes lit up and she was happy she took the time to chat with me.

Moral of the Story

  1. Back up ALL of your cellphone information at least once a month.
  2. Do not put cellphone on airplane mode when it’s in the process of updating.
  3. Some professionals will not tell the entire truth.
  4. When it seems like something important has been taken away, rebuild stronger than ever.

What story can you tell us that relates with this one?


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