Your Thoughts, Choices, and Actions

Your Thoughts, Choices, and Actions

Would you believe it if someone told you that in order to create your reality in life, then you must control your thoughts, choices, and actions?


Sounds simple yet most people don’t believe so their lives are the way they are because of their own thoughts, choices, and actions.

Isn’t that funny?


The same thing they don’t believe is the same damn reason they’re jacked up.

A few days ago, I went food shopping and had an interesting conversation with the cashier at the register that went like this:

Me: How’s the flow of life?
Cashier: Good.
Me: Why not great?
Cashier: Because I’m not rich.
Me: Shouldn’t you be making moves like a rich person should?
Cashier: You right. (Thinking about what was just asked.) Or, I can wait for you to get rich and give me some of that money.
Me: LOL. You’re funny.

Where is the world coming to?

However, let’s break down what happened.

  • He wants to be rich but hasn’t made an action plan to get from point A to Z.
  • He wants to leech off someone else that put in the work, which is a choice.
  • The only action taken is doing the same thing every day except something different to reach the goal or theme of being rich.

Here’s a simple view on how to get rich in the matrix.

Think of different passions you have and how it could help serve others as well as nourishing your soul.


Choose the top 3 that you would love to continue working on the rest of your life, even after retirement years.

Finally, take action on creating a system of monetizing your passions so that way you have your livelihood taken care of and still doing what you love.

Whether its business ownership or investing, the choice would be up to the person.

How do you believe your thoughts, choices, and actions could help shape your reality?


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