Do You Feel Lonely With Your Vegan Lifestyle?

Do You Feel Lonely With Your Vegan Lifestyle?

It goes without saying that you’re a minority in a majority world of carnivore-like humans which may make you feel alone. Why? Because, your ethics and values are one way but others are more than likely opposite of yours.


If it’s your family, then you may deal with them trying to get you to eat things what you no longer consume, think you’re odd, magically become experts on health, make fun of you, or etc. There will be cases of supportive family members so no need to fret.

If it’s at the work environment, then you may have to deal with coworkers asking a million questions about your “diet” but not change themselves thus wasting your time, slick jokes being made against you, potentially having a hard time eating around others consuming dead slaughtered animals, eating alone or by-products of them, and etc.

More can be written, however what’s important to know is that you’re living your truth and not alone. Cooperation with others is important so you have to learn how to deal with the challenges until the entire planet lives the vegan lifestyle.

What solutions do you have?

  • You can find like-minded thinkers on social media for connection.
  • Attend animal rights activist meetings.
  • Vegan Meetups.
  • Go to vegan restaurants and pay attention to your surroundings to see if someone is like you to network with.
  • Vegan conferences are a great way to plenty of new connections.

There’s something important you must know. You may find it ideal to hang with Vegans only due to your lifestyle, that’s a bit of separation from other people which is a bit negative on your part. Yes, they support animal cruelty of some kind but love is about acceptance. You used to be like them, so understand that leading by example and showing them the way of a more compassionate lifestyle for the greater whole can benefit all.


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