Tao Of Vegan Eating

Tao Of Vegan Eating

Is there a “right” way of eating vegan?

It depends on what you define to be RIGHT for you.

In my early journey of this lifestyle, the struggle was real because of ignorance of what to eat. Technically, I went vegetarian in the beginning with the beliefs of vegan and vegetarian being the same thing.

Don’t judge me.

We all make mistakes lol. Fruits, roasted cashews, oatmeal mixed with honey, milk, and peanut butter was life for breakfast. Add commercial made cereal as well. Lunch consisted of kidney beans, white rice or white boiled potatoes with hard boiled eggs, ketchup, and soy sauce. Once again, don’t judge. LOL, I really had no clue what I was doing but just wanted to do right by eating right. Dinner was pretty much a big ass salad with homemade salad dressing because of store bought salad dressing having dangerous chemicals inside which would cause detriment to health.

Overtime you realize experience is the best teacher. In theory, it’ll more than likely be best to eat wholefood alkaline plants from nature; however moderation of vegan comfort food should be fine.

Do you agree?

Within a 7 day period, I more than likely eat 80% wholefoods from the vegan 5 basic food group and 20% vegan processed.


Sometimes you have to prep your body for what if situations. This means if natural foods get low or apocalyptic event occurs then in my opinion my body would be prepped for processed foods so the stomach won’t hurt so bad introducing foreign foodstuff in the body.

Moral of the story, you can eat foods naturally made from nature that’s organic so your body will get the proper nutrition it deserves. Every now and then vegan comfort food is okay in moderation.


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