Vegan Dating Or Nah?

Vegan Dating Or Nah?

Not sure if I really qualify in writing this post because of the technicality of not being on a legit date in the past. However, there are women out there that may attest to being on a date with me, which is due to interpretation of it. Before you continue to read, you must understand where I’m coming from on the idea if you should date someone vegan if you’re on the vegan lifestyle path.

Growing up, I’ve learned a lot and nothing at all from living with primarily females, which includes my mother, aunt, and grandfather. However, paying attention to the movements of how they operated, I personally wasn’t in a rush to be in a relationship because it’s only a matter of time before it’d end in a train wreck, so it’s best to just wait until you attract your twin flame of soulmate.

How can you know who’s the one for you if you don’t date them?

It’s simple. You just have this 6th sense about it. At least that’s my perception which gave the mindset to just have fun and be friends with nothing serious to build on. That didn’t work either as I’ve learned in my early 20s, however instead of dating I just hung out with females, either alone or with other peeps. Sometimes it may have appeared as a date but in my mind it was just two people sharing time and laughter together. Will save the official dating for my future wife J

So…… You have this vegan lifestyle but you’re not sure if dating vegans only is legit for you?

This is an understandable position to be in because you more than likely have morals, which may conflict with your counterfeit flesh or dairy eater if you actually care to that degree. You’ll meet people part of the vegan tribe that could care less.

The important thing for you to do is ask yourself is what kind of person are you ultimately desire to attract. Simply because anything less of that won’t satisfy and you’ll have that image in your head, and then let’s say you’re with whomever then you’re ideal mate comes along and you’re all messed up because you have two people you want to be with lol. See the power of invested time?

The same day I went celibate in November 1st 2012 is the same time I went vegan. If you can control your sexual desire, then my friend you can control your life and will definitely understand how powerful saying no to sexual intercourse can be. Today, I’m vegan sexual yet still cautious with whose vagina I’d go all inside of because of Chi and what not. High standards will attract higher quality mate in my opinion.

One thing to remember is just because they’re vegan doesn’t mean it’ll all be great. What you eat is important, however there are other qualities to look for which it’d be in your best interest to write them all down and keep visualizing so the universe will work with you.


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