Do You Feel No One Understands You Now?

Do You Feel No One Understands You Now?

Congratulations! You’re witnessing the process of your personal growth in action. Did you think that adopting a vegan or new lifestyle would be so simple? Lol. It seems the jokes on you; however it’s a blessing in disguise. Now that you made the big decision, your frequency has changed so that you’ll attract circumstances that’ll fit your new vibration.

Does this make sense to you?

Let’s think about it for a second or maybe two. Majority of your life you’ve been moving in a certain way and attracted situations and people based on who you are as a person. Is this true or false? If you agree, then let’s continue. You may also want to take into account that the top five people you keep around are a reflection of you.

Now, you’re vegan which is a foreign concept to people in your life and they may not understand or care to adopt that lifestyle themselves. This is the part where you kind of have to brace yourself because now you want to express your new self as well as learn more about it but your top five not really into it because they’re still the same as before. Some will be cool about it and others may discredit it while trying to turn you back to your former self.

There may be a time when you haven’t attracted the right people in your life, thus feeling a bit alone due to no one understanding you. The feeling will be extremely realized when you find the first person that understands and you’ll have confirmation that you’re not crazy after all and doing something that benefits you and the planet as a whole. Your ultimate choice is how will you overcome being around those that don’t get you.

Will you remain close with them or seek others like that so you can feel at ease?

You’re a spiritual being having a human experience like most people here but at the end of the day you deserve better. Believe me when I say you’re not the only one to go through this challenge. I’ve been there but knew one day it’ll all be worth it because karma is in retrospect a gift and a curse. Because in theory you’re paying for all the ills you caused due to eating flesh and by-products of them. Then, because you made a more peaceful way of living, your positive choice will reap positive results to come your way.

How does what you read help you understand why you feel no one understands you now or in the past?


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