My Favorite Vegan App

My Favorite Vegan App

Believe it or not, there are plenty of apps to help your transition with the vegan lifestyle. Unfortunately, I was completely unaware of them. Literally made the decision in a day and was like “oh snap” and what the heck is next to do with self. That was a time when white potatoes and rice became life due to not tapping to the creative juices of what to eat and how to move forward amicably. Truth be told, I only that word because of the 40 Year Old Virgin film back when I was 18 LMAO. Don’t you dare judge me. Gosh darn it.

In 2013, I found out about the app, which is now my favorite, called Happy Cow. You’re probably like what kind of name is that Lol. Think about it. If you’re vegan then the cows are happy 🙂 The basic premise of the app is to find the closest vegan, vegetarian, health food store, or etc. in your area or zip code. This comes in handy when you’re traveling to unknown areas. For me, it helped see the different opportunities for vegan dining and also tax deductible meals because I can work and eat at the same time so long as its business related. Consult with your legal professionals to find out how.

Believe the first place I found with this gem was a place in Union Square in NYC called Beyond Sushi. It’s a vegan sushi joint which the food tastes like heaven with every bite. Favorite rolls to get there are the La Fiesta and Spicy Mang which you should definitely try if you’re in the area. More places were found, however this app came in handy when visiting California back in 2014 on business after not being there since 2012, which at that time I was eating flesh earlier that year. Now that I was the only vegan then definitely had to plan in advance, which was simple because entering the zip code helped me fine the different places in San Diego. Los Angeles was the following destination which I found to be the mecca to vegan dining. Who knew? Next two destinations were Stockton and Sacramento which turned out to not be so vegan friendly with the restaurants, however fruits and cashews were able to sustain till the return back to NYC.

Not much more to say except getting the app and trying it out yourself to see what’s in your area or plan your eating choices before you travel outside your local area.


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