I Just Went Vegan, Now What?

I Just Went Vegan, Now What?

You finally got sick and tired of consuming animal flesh and dairy. The realization of how it affects you and everyone or everything has finally been brought up to the surface. Congratulations on the beginning of a new adventure in your soul journey because now you’re about to embark on something many fear to take on due to ignorance, fear, or just don’t care what they put into their temple of god on the basis of something tasting good. However, there’s more to the vegan lifestyle besides food. Before we get there, here’s how it started with myself back in 2012.

Around July 2012, I was watching Youtube videos about natural healing because eczema was annoying to the max. Many of the videos pointed toward eating plant based, but I wasn’t about that life. Everything I was eating tasted fine and the cream for the heat rashes were manageable, until one day I saw what happened to the animals. After that, it really hit me how selfish I was eating them, especially after finding out how little nutritional value was going inside the body. The rice and veggies were somewhat beneficial, even though they were refined and commercial but the flesh itself was really just a waste in the body. It’s the reason my muscles were as massive as they were by my weight at the time being 176 pounds. I released a lot of waste going raw vegan plus performing intermittent fasting. Oh the mistakes you’re going to make will be one to remember.

When you decide to go vegan, dietary wise, don’t be surprised if you get withdrawal symptoms. I sure did and definitely was surprised. Some people revert back to flesh because they thought they needed the flesh because of what occurred with the body. You have to be strong on this journey and equipped with the knowledge to move forward. From vegan comfort food to eating raw from the basic food groups which are vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and rice. Eating is simple however ignorance and lack of creativity will do you a serious disservice. My unfair advantage was chef skills that were learned from the time in the US NAVY.

Don’t be surprised if the eating parts evolve to clothing, certain places like the zoo, or other aspects of your life change because you’ll realize animal suffering is being caused in different aspects of life. Some are unavoidable, however many avoidable. I was completely oblivious to cars having leather on seats which came from cows. However, going to the circus or zoo were simple to leave alone. Besides, they’re totally unnatural. How would you feel if you were abducted to go to another planet and entertain aliens against your will?

This should be enough to get you started. If you need vegan consultations, then message me directly on social media.


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