Challenges of Being a Vegan Entrepreneur

Challenges of Being a Vegan Entrepreneur

It’s rare to be an active entrepreneur here in the US because of so many opportunities yet many give up after a setback that’s deterred them from moving on. Now add the vegan lifestyle to an active entrepreneur and you’ll see how uncommon it is, but definitely occurs. Look at Richard Simmons, Victoria Moran, Lauren Hill, or Katrina Fox. They prove that you can do your thing and eat plants.

In my soul journey, I’ve started the entrepreneur journey back in 2013. I started a real estate investing business that was a bit scattered due to lack of focus and a sales/marketing company that was based on referring people to learn real estate investing with online real estate investing education. This was literally a month after severing ties from traditional college so in a sense stepping into the ring of the unknown. However, I wasn’t completely alone. Found a local real estate investor community to share the journey with. The first challenge I faced was eating with them. Being the only vegan, of course they’d eat together at restaurants that I’d never want to participate at, even though a bit upscale at certain times . I still had to turn down invites because of ethical values. The first national conference I went with the group was in Utah, I think I was the only person at the special dinner that had a vegan dish, which I was wise enough to ask beforehand because they never had that kind of meal at the event before. Guess one vegan can make a difference. It really got a bit annoying when there are special events like that and you see “blood” on the table, however at the end of the day you have to understand people will do what they want to do and have their own free will.

Another challenge you may have is not participating in relationship building activities due to your vegan ethics. In 2015, I visited Denver for the first time and got the opportunity to meet with a potential buyer but things got a little weird when he asked to go deer hunting….. I told him I have a vegan lifestyle so chose not to do it. He understood, however things were a bit weird after that LOL. Oh well. You live and you learn, right?

Don’t even get me started with some potential female client that I had in the past. It’s like they wanted me more than the products or services I offered but as y’all know by now I’m vegan sexual and not a ho. All money ain’t good money which a comrade once told me. Even if you’re offered to do things that go against your principles, don’t be afraid to say no even if it may cost your business income.

Never be afraid to express your ethics and opinions because if you surrender to others’ wants from you, then your energy will be unaligned with your authentic being as a person. Sometimes the universe put test in your path to see if you’re about that life. This doesn’t mean leave all opportunities that don’t vibe with your lifestyle, because at the end of the day, business is business. Would recommend you find your boundaries or limit that you’re willing to set up when handling your business because if you’re not strong willed, then peer pressure will deter you.

If you’re a vegan entrepreneur, you’re not alone and a rare breed. Stay true to what you do while remaining ethical on your journey. High 5!


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