Why They Stop Being Vegan?

Why They Stop Being Vegan?

The other day, a close friend of mine informed me that he decided to go vegan. Don’t be surprised on your journey if people you know will do the same because of the example you’ve set. The crazy part is he’s not someone you’d think would care enough for animals to spare their lives. Then again, sure you never judge a book by a cover. Sure, he’s aggressive with his women behind closed door, marijuana smoker, alcohol smoker, a bit rebellious, and other things. Sometimes I wonder why we’re still in communications because of how different we are but they saying that opposites attract must be true lol.

So, two weeks ago, the text message comes in claiming he’s now vegan. Awesome! Another soul has decided to help planet Earth. Next thing you know I’m getting a million and one questions, so don’t be surprised if the same thing happens to you. God forbid people take the time to do their own research and learn on the go, however most people aren’t like that which gives consultants an opportunity to be in business lol. However, if you have a blog, ebook, or video library which talks about going or being vegan then life would be simpler for you. Do you agree?

A few days later, his influence made another close friend go vegan so in a sense the snow ball effect was starting to form. However, last week the vegan cookie crumbled. Don’t be surprised if people you know that went vegan will revert back to their carnivore lifestyle. Their why may not have been strong enough to begin with. The first friend mentioned decided to go vegetarian because the vegan lifestyle was more than likely too “hard” for him. Could it have been the peer pressure at work? Who knows? The second friend went to a party and the girl that invited him had offered him a plate of food which wasn’t cruelty free lol. He ate it.

This is the reason a strong why is the foundation of the lifestyle journey is important. It’s easy and simple to claim something. However, the universe will test you and everyone else in order to see if they’re about that life they talk about.

Why do they stop being vegan?

In my opinion, it could be due to fear, peer pressure, ignorance, withdrawal symptoms, and/or lack of will. The fear of the unknown sets people back because of not knowing what’s on the other side. Not knowing what to do is an excuse, yet there are so many resources to mitigate the ignorance. You may go through withdrawals, which I have experienced firsthand but toughened up and pushed forward. Some revert back to former way of eating and feel at ease because their body is eating food that it’s used to eating. Finally, a will isn’t built enough to withstand from temptations. People will know you’re not eating flesh or by products but will still offer it to you. If your will is weak, then guess what you’ll do?

These are a few reasons why you’ll see people go back to how they used to be. It is what it is.

What experience have you encountered on this topic?


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