5 Healthy Rice Alternatives To Eat

5 Healthy Rice Alternatives To Eat

Keeping it 100, I used to be a white rice eating ho. Yeah I said it. Especially the white sticky rice or white rice you get at the Asian restaurants. To me it tasted AMAZING, but it’s funny how unconscious I was years ago about how unhealthy it is to eat. From memory, it has been said that white rice is somewhat as acidic as plastic. At the end of the day, it is refined, which means it barely has any of the nutrients that would be beneficial to the human body. On top of that, it’s high glycemic, which your blood sugar level may go up after eating it.

After finding out how detrimental to the health white rice could be, like most I converted to brown rice. Thought that was the best to have until further research brought up that most rice is acidic to the body. The only alkaline rice is wild rice because it’s electrical in nature. Learn something new every day, right? These days I may have white rice or brown rice like once every 4 or 6 months just to relive the taste. You live in the physical form once, so you don’t have to completely limit yourself with what you eat.

If wild rice is the only alkaline rice that is properly assimilated in the body and other rice variations are toxic to the body, then alternatives to rice as a staple while eating vegan food can be viewed as important. Although many are out there, a lot of people have no clue they exist. One of the five that I’m about to mention is known by most, however I’ve never heard of it or had any until either 2012 or 2013. This rice alternative is actually a seed is called Quinoa. It took a long time before I was able to correctly pronounce it. For those that don’t know, it’s pronounced “keen-wa” for those not aware.

The 5 rice alternatives are quinoa, teff, fonio, amaranth, and kamut.

Quinoa, in my opinion, taste like magic being casted from a Disney film which’ll give you positive vibes. IT’S THAT DELICIOUS. Used as a grain, the benefits include its high content of nutrition such as protein or iron, fibrous in nature, and gluten free. A little FYI for those that don’t know about quinoa is that it’s a complete protein food. It’s also low glycemic for those conscious of the glycemic index when it comes to eating.

Teff is also a seed by nature but used as a grain which looks weird after you cook it. The first time I made it, I thought it was made wrong until I did a video search on how to make it and was like ooohhhh snappp, the homie got it right the first time lol. The seeds are very tiny yet full of amino acids and nutrition, as well as being gluten free.  Low in sodium and fat, it may also help your blood sugars be manageable. The iron content will help your body feel nourished J

Fonio was a challenge to make the first time due to no directions on the package, so a brother had to take a major guess. This guess led to an epic fail but I ate it anyway lol. Got to do what you got to do and we don’t waste food around these parts. Fonio is a millet and superfood with gluten free capabilities to excite those that are gluten intolerant. It’s great for those looking to lose weight and assist in cardiovascular function. Nutritious, it can also help with hair growth.

Amaranth looked like what the heck when I first made it. It was kind of a letdown, until I seasoned it to perfection. Sometimes you have to put love in your meal creations. This grain is actually a seed that’s also gluten free and a complete protein. It’s rich in iron content and also has a porridge like texture after being cooked so don’t be surprised of its appearance when it’s done lol.

Kamut is an ancient grain which isn’t gluten free but is alkaline nonetheless. However, a lot of water is needed to cook so make sure you follow the directions unless you want to be chewing on rocklike food LOL. It is on the wheat side and has a chewy texture which originates from Egypt. It’s a great source of many vitamins, lipids, minerals, and amino acids. Some people with wheat problems from consumption can actually eat fine. I wonder if it’s because it’s a natural food. Can help detox the body of toxins, improve bone health, and balance hormones.

There you go.

5 rice alternatives to help you thrive in your health and well-being. Which will you chose to let in your life and why?

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