How Safe Is Vegan Eating Really?

How Safe Is Vegan Eating Really?

Some of you may have read the title and scratched your head, while saying “What the heck?” lol, but that’s understandable. Most people transition to the vegan lifestyle for the health benefits but coming into this realm is going to take a lot of self-studying of what’s really natural for us to consume. In theory, if you’re going to eat the whole food plant based way, then your alley is veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes.

Not everyone that transitions will go the healthy way and will consume someone more of the vegan comfort food style. This means that however they ate before is primarily the same but with alternatives to the flesh and dairy foodstuff. Such as, the soy “chicken” “beef” “pork” “seafood” and etc. They’re all acidic because they’re not alkaline in nature so in the body, your cells will be like what the fuck again. It’s been in that state even when you ate the cookies, cakes, snickers, chips, and all of that. However, now there are vegan alternatives to almost everything you had before so now this type of person would be all happy with the cruelty free way of eating. Yet, it’s still cruel on the insides, but that’s none of my business. Of course the vegan alternatives aren’t as detrimental as the flesh and dairy to the body, however you should think of the saying where the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Recently, I stumbled across a vegan doctor by the name of Robert Morse on Youtube which gives a WEALTH of information about healing. Long story short, fruits and herbs are alkaline in nature that we as human beings were designed to consume. We can eat veggies; however it’ll be a lil hard on digestion allegedly. Have also learned how cooked foods are also a detriment to the health a bit. These concepts explained my health a lot from the past as far as how I personally ate. You think you’re doing well until you’re peeing yellow sometimes and feeling a way after eating a certain way. Had no clue how seeds and nuts were acidic to the body and I’m a lover of CASHEWS so it’s like I had to look up at the ceiling and contemplate life for a bit.

How I personally used to eat was 90% whole foods and 10% vegan comfort foods. A fair ratio in my opinion which includes a raw cleanse periodically in a year. After finding out this new info on top of Dr Sebi’s information about hybrid and alkaline plants, then it became experimentation time. On day 5 of fruits and herbs only and I feel even more super than when doing first raw detox. Who knew eating simple could make such a difference? We only live in this particular form once, so you have the choice on how the story goes, so make it worth it.

40 days of this practice will let me know if it’s something worth referring people I meet in person. All in all, it’s best you do the best you can do for YOU. Be the example you wish to see in the world to inspire others to better their well-being. Go fruit yourself and eat plants 😉


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