My Vegan Fitness Experience

My Vegan Fitness Experience

Fitness is something that didn’t become of any importance to me until the age of 16 when my friend, a sore winner, defeated me in an arm wrestling match. Yes Lol, a freaking arm wrestling match. It’s okay to lose at something but when the winner OD (overdose) on rubbing it in then anger brews. At that moment, I decided to take the coed weight training class seriously instead of my fat ass hiding behind the machines looking at all the pretty girls or pretending to work out lol. Teenagers -_- however that’s how the fitness journey started in general.

After a few months the fat was turning into muscles. I couldn’t believe it even though my diet was all messed up. Adding the whey protein in shakes was so detrimental for my body, but the things we do out of ignorance. At the age of 19, already started the united states navy journey and over the years my body went through more muscle gains. Went to boot camp at the weight of 166 pounds, yet left the service at 178 pounds. The only reason I continued working out more extensively was for the wrong reason in my opinion. Back then, I believed being muscular and fit would attract all the “bitches” lol. WRONG! Damn the media and self for allowing frivolous things to stick in the mind.

(Physique after boot camp)

Before working out in the gym, my work outs were simple. 30 push-ups and 30 sit ups in the morning, then 31 push-ups and 31 sits ups in the evening. Basically go up one in each session. Did that until reaching to 100 and reset the process. In the navy, on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays was cardio, chin ups, abs, biceps, legs and back. Thursday and Tuesday consisted of triceps, chest, abs, and pull ups. It was very intense.


After returning to NYC, it came to me that working out wasn’t that serious so just did light workouts. Unfortunately, I was eating a poor diet which included meat, chicken, fish, ox tail, cereal, dairy, and etc which my muscles turned to flab. That soon led me toward intermittent fasting. My eating time came between 12pm to 6pm. This diet plan allowed me to eat as much as I wanted and got me surprisingly ripped.

(Post 3rd Deployment Fitness)

Fast forward to August 1st 2012, the time adopting the vegetarian life, a brotha released a lot of “waste” and muscle. The lowest I weight was 142 pounds. At that time was still performing the intermittent fasting but decided to change eating window to 12pm to 6pm and ate more brown rice and kidney beans which helped me go to in the mid 150 pounds bracket. Got gains? Still did minor home work outs which the results were satisfactory because books and obtaining wisdom had become more important.

Today in 2017, I’m on a fruit and herb only way of eating for experimentation purposes. Haven’t weighed myself in years but working of for maintenance continue. Mondays and Wednesdays are focused on biceps, legs, abs, and shoulders. Tuesday and Thursday are focused on chest, triceps, and abs. Keep it short and simple with dumb bell weights incorporated in the mix.

Eat plants 🙂


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