How To Find Your True Love As A Vegan?

How To Find Your True Love As A Vegan?

Lol. That’s funny. Sun sign in Libra person talking about how to find love as a vegan. You can’t hear me at the moment, however for some odd reason the room is filled with laughter thinking about the topic. Be so kind to not judge the sense of humor. Anyway, some people that I’ve met on this vegan lifestyle journey seems to have had a challenge in relationships, a hard time finding the right partner for them, or compromised to have a mate that’s not vegan at all.

Some of you may transition with the lifestyle and be in a relationship already which is awesome. However, your partner will accept your choice, be against it, or not care at all. The potential problem is if they accept it and move on, then when y’all eat together then you’ll see blood on the table. Something you may not want to be a part of which is like you’re sleeping with the blood and dairy consumer which may put a strain on your heart and mind. Friction will most likely occur if your partner doesn’t agree, which could start the countdown until the relationship is over. How can a relationship last without compromise or agreement with a major lifestyle change? Personally, I’ve met those in situations where the partner respected the decision, so can only imagine challenges to come after this kind of disagreement. If your partner doesn’t care so long as they can eat what they want and understand that you won’t make it for them, then hakuna matata.

For the singles, you may want to rewire your thoughts to how you attract the right partner, instead of looking for them. Think of a magnet on how opposites attract. Sometimes in life when you look for something, you rarely get it but when you don’t seek then it comes. However, if you are still searching, then a brotha won’t leave you hanging lol. Bringing this up, because of the attraction of more females since becoming one with the vegan lifestyle had increased afterwards. Imagine that. If you’re looking for a potential mate with a vegan lifestyle, then first you have to ask yourself where a vegan would be. You’d be surprised of the connections you’ll make eating alone at vegan restaurant. Hint hint. Visit an animal sanctuary and commonality of visions will be very refreshing! On you should check for local vegan meetups to connect with. All these places so far mentioned are potential atmosphere to find the partner for you, however don’t let that be your main focus because your energy may repel the person of your desire.

Facebook groups and online dating websites may help; however remember to be like the magnet. Don’t look for finding your vegan partner because your desire may lead you to sadness. Let that desire disappear and focus on what really adds value to your life. At some point, the universe will send you your true soulmate.


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