Life Is What You Make It

Life Is What You Make It

On the road to finding your meaning in life, you’ll realize it will continue to grow and expand as time goes on. Why? Who you are in the current moment could be a completely different next week. You may be about that vegan lifestyle but become a raw foodist because of something you learned. Life really is what you make out of it.

The secret recipe in shaping your life is according to your thoughts, choices, and actions. What you think about constantly in the mental realm has an effect on the physical realm. Especially if your emotions are attached to the vision(s) you have. For example, during my first year in college I had visions of getting A’s or A-‘s for final grades. Of course that doesn’t come easy. This is where choices had to be made which started with questions to ask myself, such as how the heck can a brotha that just left the military and haven’t been to school in years get high grades. At the end of the day when you desire something, you have to figure it out a choice to act on. Next came the action part where massive amount of studying was applied during the weekdays and weekends. Very intense, however made to for PS3 online because gaming was one of the things I loved to do on downtime. The end result was shocking because it was the first time a true meaningful vision came to fruition. A’s and A-‘s which validated the mental science learned from independent studies.

You see, there are no accidents in the universe. We are exactly where we deserve to be which the universal law of cause and effect has taken place. If you want an effect to something, then you have to focus on the causes. Nothing is new under the sun. It was written. THINK of what got you to where you are right NOW. You must realize to change or be the change in your life in order to make life worth living. On the other side of the coin, your choice could be consciously negative and that’ll more than likely be what you attract in your life. Is that fair?

From experience of being an entrepreneur and being affiliated with other people on a similar path, you can see why they’re at in the present moment. Challenges are expected in the lines of being an owner but if it’s in an abundant amount, then you have to ask what have you done to be in that position. On a brighter note, others are reaching massive success in their lives, such as manifesting the dream that they’ve longed for in the process of creating their illusions. For example, a Scorpio female I know severed ties with the W-2 life to become an independent burlesque dancer and teacher of the dance arts. To see someone live their dream and love it is fascinating because the whole unfortunately chooses not to. Success in itself is open to interpretation. What’s your definition of success?

What you make out of your life is your responsibility. As a wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility. Now go manifest your visions 🙂


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