How Much Do You Really Love Animals?

How Much Do You Really Love Animals?

This is a question that higher-self had asked me in the summer of 2012. Why? Because, when you’re working on improving yourself and becoming one with love, your energy changes which brings celestial-like thoughts into your head. Yes, even as someone carnivore-like can raise their frequency. The last time a visit was made to the zoo, could see the pain and sorrow in the eyes of most of the animals but couldn’t understand why. It’s not until you do your own research and see what’s going on behind closed doors in certain establishments that truth can be so wicked. However, I’m getting a bit ahead of the game lol.

Let’s get back to the summer. While observing the birds, cats, dogs, and squirrels while on the way to school, something deep hit me. Like, they just want to live and do their own thing like the human species. Granted some animals have to eat flesh in order to live, but not human beings. With that realization during the process of spiritual elevation, a brotha just knew that he could no longer be part of the problem. This includes investing into the animal agriculture. Whether you care or know about how damaging it is to buy animal products is your responsibility for the greater good of the planet. You know it’s starting to get bad when you got fried chicken, buttery biscuits, beef gravy stuffed in your mouth with grotesque images of how that was all created beforehand. LOL, memories I tell ya.

Why do you care about animals?

Maybe the real question is why you care enough to eat them because majority of people are genuinely good hearted. When I think of hens, chicken, pigs, fish and etc. it’s like we only ate them because of the assumption that they taste good and are nutritious. Isn’t it the seasoning that makes it taste “good” though? Why do we give authority to others and blindly follow the teachings that are taught in school? These are some of the questions asked years ago which made going vegan simple. However, there are people that for emotional or psychological reasons that’ll justify to continue to eat flesh or consume dairy. No need to debate, however just do the best you can to live your perception of life.

It’s possible to agree that there are many injustices going on in the globe, however whether you believe it or not, the human race pays for animal agriculture whether participating in it or not. Think about it, the health challenges a lot of people have that’s usually diet related. That affects the non-meat eating tribe as well because the loved one’s pain or death brings sorrow to them. You may know what it takes to heal naturally but your friend or family member still consumes what is adding insult to their injury. Before the animals even die, they release chemicals which pass on to the eater. Got karma? The living conditions are terrible and do you really think that’ll stop production on them for you to consume?

Before going vegetarian, the first meat I cut out was pork. Why? Because pigs eat poop and I’m not about that life lol. What pigs do is their business; however it makes sense why a lot of people are full of shit. Love is about acceptance so if that’s how they get down then leave them to it. Fouls eat poop too lol. Yet, people still happily eat them. Do you love them enough to no longer invest in their slaughter and having blood indirectly on the hands? If you’re on the vegan path or plant based, then high five to you my friend. If not, then you have the free will to do as you wish. However, just remember the karma you’re creating with every bite, visit to the zoo or circus, and wearing leather or silk. Another living sentient being had to suffer. Are you okay with that?

Love thy neighbor of all living on Earth.


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