Two Reasons Why They Don’t Go Vegan All The Way

Two Reasons Why They Don’t Go Vegan All The Way

The other day a business contact which claims the vegan lifestyle, but still eats fish “LOL, yes guys & gals just like you I’m cracking up” had mentioned that they feel like they have an emotional attachment to fish. This may be due to the culture on how he grew up and giving up dairy has been hard for him. For those curious about why people have a challenge in the vegan transition, you may want to consider EMOTIONS and CHEMICALS attached to the foods most of us had grown up consuming while growing up. In order for you to rise to with your vegan lifestyle, then you must see deeply what’s going on here so you can move forward with higher frequency within and understand others’ perspective.

Similar to this contact, due to the Trinidadian part of my family growing up with my love for Caribbean food was over 9,000 LOL. The culture itself consisted of foods we ate such as curry goat, curry chicken, curry shrimp, oxtail, shark, peanut punch, pig feet souse, crab with dumplings, jerk chicken, beef patties, and the list goes on. Man, most of the females in my family can really cook except my mom LMAO. However, I grew up chubby overindulging self to these foods. However, that’s how I was raised on these “delicious” foods not knowing or understanding the damages done to me and planet. It was considered normal, especially when you’re a product of your environment. The thing is all those foods can literally be veganized. Like, vegan jerk chicken or patties, vegan curry “chicken”, and etc. This is kind of giving me ideas right now, however if you’d told me as a child the negative impact this causes, then I wouldn’t be sure what I’d choose to do because being surrounded by family that don’t care or trying to hear that would really make staying a flesh eater easy. Mind you that’s just a brotha hypothetically speaking as 9 year old me.

Imagine you grew up in an Italian, Indian, European, African, Asian and etc. household with your culture being emotionally tied to the food and togetherness it brought. If you’re a free thinker and have a strong will to follow your heart then going vegan would be simple for you. If you’re the opposite, then chances are you won’t do it or will move slowly because of knowing how altering the feelings from culture, friends, family, and acquaintance may change. The universe tests us as human beings to see what actions we’d take if something is right or wrong.

So……… what about the chemicals in the flesh and/or dairy? You ever heard of casein? Its one reason why dairy is a challenge for some people to give up dairy foodstuff because of its addictive nature. I personally underwent withdrawal symptoms after giving up dairy. A brotha thought he was going to die because of the headaches and feeling weird inside. Some people have other symptoms then get scared and go back to their former eating habits; however they got better not realizing their body was going through a healing crisis. That’s another topic for another day. Chemicals found in flesh include heterocyclic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, ammonia, carbon monoxide, mercury in fish, pesticides, hormones, and etc.

If you consumed dairy and/or flesh growing up, then you should have an idea on why you fell ill by now. Of course do your own independent research and not take what I say at face value because the journey of exploring life is important. Heads up, heterocyclic amines activates in flesh such as meat, fish, or chicken are cooked in high temperature which later increases the risk of cancer in the body. It’s simple to break down each chemical with sources to satisfy people, however that’s your responsibility if you truly want to know. I’ve learned in life that even when you give people the info, they’ll go on doing the same thing as before. So, it’s probably best to let others figure out the reality what’s up in the matrix on their own so they can value uncovering the mystery.

Emotions and addicting chemicals keep them from a so called rational change such as eating plant based, however don’t fret my friend. Be the change you want to see and your example should be enough to help others free their own minds. One day it’ll all make sense.

Eat plants 🙂


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