How To Handle Interaction With Non-Vegans

How To Handle Interaction With Non-Vegans

On your vegan journey, you’ll encounter more non-vegans than people with the actual vegan lifestyle. That shouldn’t be surprised in this day and age that we live today. However, I have met people with this lifestyle that won’t express vegan pride or tell strangers their way of eating because a sense of fear which could range from being made fun of, being different, or the hassle it could create on him/her in the long run. Rightfully so, because people fear what they don’t understand. You realize in your lifetime that it’s best to always be yourself no matter what or the conditions may be because if you don’t, then you won’t feel at ease on the inside. In some shape or form what is suppressed becomes expressed. At least that’s what some wise person once said.

You must remember that your reason for living this way of life creates a positive effect to the world in many different ways and if people that you come in contact with are open to accept you for who you are, then it may be time to learn how to communicate with or deviate toward a different subject matter. Unless the person or people seriously want to learn more of your reason as to why you have adopted the vegan lifestyle. Life experience has taught me that those that you come in contact with could either be a lesson or a blessing. A year after no longer eating animals or byproducts of animals, I looked like a different person. Released a lot of weight, skin was clearer, attitude improved for the better, and whole being changed.

Of course you have to deal with people in your work circle, family, lover, acquaintances, and friends. So you have to think in advance of how you plan to deal with them because actions will always speak louder than words and you will see the true colors of people just by your decision of being vegan. Always remember that you’ll have situations when you have to interact with people in a good way or bad way depending on the situation. It’s up to you to figure out your style of flowing with it.

When dealing with people at work or in a school environment it can really play out in different ways. Now you finally transitioned and you’re feeling awesome but when it’s time for a break to eat, then you have to be around the energy of consuming products that you could barely look to see being eaten. If you’re very sensitive that is. I remember during my time at LaGuardia community college, eating my falafel rice combo from the Halal cart and next thing you know people from former classes beforehand would sit with me and I had to look at them eating things, such as chicken beef or which hurt a brotha’s soul. Sometimes it would get to the point where you would literally have to look away because you see the pain in the eyes of the animals being slaughtered and then you realize that you used to be the flesh eater that was oblivious to what was really going on behind the scenes. However the best way to handle situations in a positive way is to realize that people that still consume animals or byproducts just haven’t reached that level of care enough to realize what they’re doing is harming the planet and animals. You can really just be the best example that you can be and when the time comes for them to change themselves, then you are grateful that you had patience. Because you can’t make people do anything that they don’t want to. On the flipside, you may have people making fun of you about the way how you’re eating or living and questioning why you do what you do. This is where you have an opportunity to ask them what’s so wrong about living a cruelty free way of living or nourishing your body with plants from Mother Nature and not causing harm to sentiment beings. It’s easy to get upset when you are getting picked on however it’s better to understand their level of consciousness and continuing to love them for who they are because what goes around comes around.

Family is another story. Everybody’s gonna have their own experience in this department; however my family was very open and accepting to my vegan lifestyle without question. Others aren’t so lucky in a sense that their family thinks that they’ll get sick or need meat to survive. You must remember that most of us were misinformed in our childhood of what the truth of something is. However, when you grow up and you do your own independent research you’ll find out the reality of existence. So if you’re in a situation where your family is unsupportive, yet you still have to be around them or live with them then you have to communicate with them by asking the right questions to see the reason why you are living this way. You don’t have to preach, get upset and yell at them, or hate them. Some people will lose or have lost touch with certain family members due to the differences of perspective.

When it comes down to your friends or acquaintances, you’ll really start to see the exposure of who they really are. The reason is because for some reason not eating in a certain way that’s different from others makes them feel away. On a negative note, they could bring up reasons why you should be eating meat and whatever information that you learned are based on lies. Or, you may have those friends or acquaintances that will ridicule you in a way that can really hurt you mentally or emotionally. I’ve seen people on Facebook that got hateful or disrespectful comments on their posts, when they personally post updates about what goes on in animal industry or health of the human body because of animal consumption. So don’t be surprised if you start expressing your thoughts and passions on your life decision, if you’ll get negative reviews which expose the people you really shouldn’t have in your life anyway. On the positive side, you get people that will really support your decisions and agree but will still continue their non-vegan way of living. At least your example can plant the seed in membrane of what’s possible when you make a life change such as this.

When it comes to your love life, this could be very tricky. Because, if you are in a relationship with someone that is a vegetarian or still consume animal products it could be a challenge for you in a sense that you have to know in your mind heart and spirit that someone you truly love is going against your beliefs. Love is about acceptance, however at what cost to your personal spirit. Personally have met people that are in relationships similar to the situations however some have learned to make it work through compromise or some relationship had ended because of the differences of morals and ethics. You may meet people on your journey that decides to go vegan sexual, but that’s a preference that you have to seriously find out if that’s something meant for you. Being with someone just because of what they eat may seem shallow to others, however it’s understood if you’d rather mate and have a positive relationship if the morals are equally balanced. So, you handle your love life based on how you want your love life to be. If you’re not currently happy because of the differences in beliefs with your partner, then maybe it’s time to move on to someone else. However, if the love and bonds are genuinely strong which you still want to continue on, then you’ll figure out a way to continue on as best possible. Sometimes you just have to see the other person side and understand they’re entitled to their own free will.

Life is simple if you can see what’s in front of your eyes. The vegan lifestyle may be a challenge for some, but it only is if you allow it to be especially when it comes to relationships with the people in your life. So follow your mind heart and your spirit and watch how magical your life will become.

Eat fruits 🙂


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