What Does It Mean To Live?

What Does It Mean To Live?

Do you take the time to observe everyone and everything when traveling outside?

While coming out of the train station here in Brooklyn, I noticed a group of pigeons in a social setting. It was a very entertaining sight to see, because the female pigeons were walking about trying to eat but the male pigeons were making attempts to court them. The male pigeons being a distraction to the female pigeons meal time kept them walking in circles with constant rejections. You’d think that they would learn the lesson but no. Unfortunately a car came in all of them flew away which inspired this particular blog post.

Animals are not that much different from us human beings. They want to eat, sleep, have shelter, and relationships with each other. That’s fair. What gives some of the human race the right to take these necessities from them? So many questions to ask yet the answers don’t add up. When you’re a kid you desire to play, be free, explore, and have fun with barely any restrictions. These were the times where everything made sense and was aligned with our essence. However, somewhere along the journey of our lives something changed. To some it’s for the better and some for the worse.

For me, I thought the point of life was to go to school, get a job, have a significant other, bring kids into the world, retire, and rest in peace. Some of you may be living with this concept of reality. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with it however for those open minded, there are unlimited possibilities for you to choose. You are here to experience life in abundance and alignment to your true passions in life. When is probably the question which is answered at the time you start working toward the fulfillment of your life. Before you even get to that part you still have to figure out who exactly you are because we are all here for a specific purpose.

Think of a chicken that’s born. He/she is already dependent on the mother to eat, get nurtured and grow on his/her into their own just like us. They have a mind and free will that seeks food, shelter, water, and social relationships. Pain, love, joy, and bathroom time is something that they’ll experience like us. However, it’s part of their purpose to live and experience. They may fight, play, love, hate, or be angry so who right is it to unnaturally take away from them? Not us.

Your meaning in life is defined by the actions you take in life, whether good or bad. You have the personal choice to change or continue the current path that you’re on. It’ll take a lot of bumps along the road depending on who you are. Coming from a military background, then to college, and dropping out to being an entrepreneur in real estate or business let you know it’s never too late to change or adapt. See your purpose in life and make a way to be one with it. One day your physical won’t be here anymore so ask yourself what landmark you decided to leave for humanity.

What does it mean to live to you?


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