Popping My Spelt Cherry

Popping My Spelt Cherry

The transition back to cooked foods have been a bit painful. Why? Because, my chi has slowed down and not feeling as powerful as before. This confirms how fruits and herbs may be the best way to go after all. 

One day this year will make the full leap, however the dry goods must be finished lol. This was the first time me eating spelt in a meal like this. Soaked the grains overnight and put em in the rice cooker. The kidney beans seemed to have kicked my ass lol. It’s so crazy how when you put foreign foods not really designed to the human body how your body will tell you after becoming in tuned. 

Added chopped bell peppers, squash, cucumber, onions, mixed with herbs and spices. Tasted awesome but no super charged energy boost afterwards. That cayenne pepper did open the sinuses hahaha. 

Got fruit? 

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