Are Vegans Hypocrites?

Are Vegans Hypocrites?

Practice what you preach they said. Be an example of the person you wish to see in the world they said. We’re not supposed to eat flesh or by-products and support the cruelty of animals they said. Well, why do most vegans violate minor portions of the vegan message?

On this life path, I’ve learned that sometimes when you have the vegan lifestyle you may be criticized or be called a hypocrite by the actions you take. When you embark on this lifestyle, the simple thing to do is to no longer eat meat or byproducts coming from a living being. Over time you’ll learn that using or wearing certain items kind of make you feel like a hypocrite. Because, you find out the materials of leather, wool, suede, and etc. aren’t things that we should patronize for. Even when it comes to things such as self-care items like lotions, shampoos, cleaning items, toothpastes or visiting places such as the circus and zoo may make you question your vegan title.

Are there unwritten rules to this lifestyle that allow certain things that we had prior to this way of living?

That’s for you to decide.

Somewhere around the middle of 2013, it dawned on me that wearing leather belts and shoes for business events went against my way of spreading the vegan message. It took someone else to open my eyes that even though I wasn’t eating animal flesh or dairy anymore, I still bought things that were completely unaware of not being cruelty free. If you decide to embark on this life path, don’t feel bad if you make mistakes along the way because is going to happen. You’ll think that you’ll be doing the right things until somebody else point out that what you doing brings up inconsistency with your beliefs. For example, you could be a chef at a restaurant and although you’re about that vegan life, your boss tells you that you have to cook roast beef and slice it to serve for the customers. This is where your ethics come into play because you know that your personally eat or support animal industry, however you indirectly have because even though you are working a job that entitles you to be part of the cause of the animal industry challenge, your cooking preparing and serving it to others. This makes others potentially see you as a hypocrite. I met a woman and 2015 that was told by her mother that she’s a fake vegan because she has to prepare and cook a variety of dishes at work which are all animal-based. Now I understand it’s her free will to do as she pleases to make money, but if there’s literally no other way for you to make income and that’s your only option will cut their right thing for her to be would be a great question to ask. Some may say that there is no excuse and that she can find another job, preferably vegan chef related. A similar story could be someone going to a restaurant with friends that are not vegan friendly, which only food option for them would just be a salad while they friends get to eat whatever. Although the person is it eating food that goes against their values, he or she is still giving money to an establishment that will reinvest that money for more animal production. Does that make them a hypocrite?

Although I’m down with the vegan cause, I don’t participate in animal activism actions. However, you will meet people dead to participate in acts such as this but it’s optional. There’s more than one way to help stop animal suffering or cruelty so one person can eat them. The amazing part that I’ve noticed from observing people with the vegan lifestyle on social media is how they respond to people that aren’t in alignment with their visions. They’ll post  “truth” about what goes on in animal industry, however when people disagree with them you can see their own dark side come out and ill will towards them. Which puzzles me, because you’re all about helping species that’s not your race but you respond in a very violent order just to justify your opinions. How do you preach life, peace, and rights as a living being but you’re quick to attack others that don’t agree with your beliefs? It is a bit of a touchy subject, however there is always a way to come through a fair balance in dealing with people. Yet, still see people that really do want the best for the animals that are voiceless but when it comes to your own kind your dark side and violent nature becomes exposed. So what’s the real message here? It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt physically, however there is nothing wrong with helping innocent beings that need help. People like that may need to find a better way of voicing their message so others won’t get the wrong impressions of them. This is why some consider people with the vegan lifestyle could be snobbish or having a superior complex. However, it’s just a question of ethics and values that you present to the world but through self-understanding, should be mindful of the energy you admit to the collective whole.

Educating yourself to find out the vegan alternatives to everyday items is important. In doing so, you’ll be even further in getting the message out in a positive way. This is ironic, because people are drawn toward the negative than the positive. Being the person that you’d wish to see in the world is a very fulfilling way to feel. Once people start to ask you questions on why you do what you do, then you have an opportunity to teach them so that they can teach others and do better. And little by little you’ll see that our planet will become more beautiful than it once was.


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