Should Parents Lose Custody For Making Their Child Eat A Vegan Diet?

Should Parents Lose Custody For Making Their Child Eat A Vegan Diet?

It’s 2017 and people still don’t know how to properly eat or feed their children. Could it be because of all the abundant information out there? Or, the challenge of deciphering what’s real or fake? The other day a soul companion of mine sent me two links, which will be shared at the end of this post about vegan parents. One family lost custody of their seed being malnourished from eating vegan and other parents being jailed due to a vegan diet being forced on their baby. Unfortunately their 11 month old died which is such a tragedy because if they were equipped with the correct information and applying such a natural way of living could have been prevented.

This is crazy in my opinion. Before my soul companion sent me the links and told me how parents were losing their kids because of something as simple as making them vegan puzzled the heck out of me. When it comes to eating in a plant based way, it’s very important to know what is really natural and not, because if you get caught up with eating or consuming unnatural foodstuff then of course you’ll have challenges with you. If you have a baby, it’s very important that you put the correct information in action. In one of the stories, they fed their baby soy milk and apple juice. Soy is acid to the body and by no means should be inside of a baby. If it’s as acidic as plastic then why would you consume it yourself or let a baby drink the milk from soy? Many people are under the assumption through advertisement and etc. that soy is okay for you to eat however if you do your own independent research you’ll realize that it’s not something that is nourishing to the body. When or if I have my own child, I know immediately to have them consume at least moringa formula or other plant based sources that are alkaline to the body. It’s nutritious for the body and the first thing that came to mind was moringa formula for young bucks growing up and stuff. Nutrition is very important; however the source is equally important.

There are reasons for a parent or parents to lose custody. Abuse, neglect, improper guidance and etc. could be some, however these things occur yet barely anything happens against them. So why should being vegan be one of them if done properly? If you’re reading this, then you probably have common sense to read between the lines. And one of the articles it was mentioned that family members and friends weren’t for their choices to put their kids on a plant-based diet. They say ignorance is bliss, but sometimes it makes you wonder where people get their beliefs from. It’s like they prefer to feed themselves and others foodstuff that don’t belong inside of the body which over time becomes a detriment to one’s health as well as another. I’m literally scratching my head now trying to figure out how this all happened. Isn’t it more dangerous to put on and allow things inside of the newborn detrimental chemicals that make them sicker? It should be okay for families to put the newborns on a vegan way of eating, however it should make sure to do their own research on how to probably feed them. Because life can be loss of doing improperly in which we seem for those out in a world. Your story of why you live this way of living can or may impact others.

To the vegan parents out there, remember that vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, amino acids and etc. are life. If you or your loved ones don’t live in that way properly, then expect negative things to happen in some shape or form. This is a learning process and you’re not expected to be perfect but to lose your child just for living in a cruelty-free way isn’t fair. Don’t be scared, just be aware and make the right moves when it comes to you and your vegan new born because little by little the vegan minority will become the vegan majority one day.

Eat fruits 🙂

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