How To Handle The Vegan Blues?

How To Handle The Vegan Blues?

On your vegan journey, there may be times that you may be feeling blue. This can be for one of many reasons, for example the alone feeling, no one gets you, all of your vegan connections are outside of your area, no romantic relationship, or etc. I’m here to let you know that you’re not alone. Although you may have glorious days because of living with the vegan decision 100%, it’s what gives satisfaction on your down days. Be grateful for both because that’s what gives life meaning.

In this vegan soul journey of mine, I personally my fair share of vegan blues. Why you may ask? Because like you I’m a spiritual being having a human experience to learn lessons from every action and decisions made in life. Sometimes feeling like a minority around a majority can be painful because not being understood makes others form their own perception of you, however self has the free will of choosing to mirror that same emotion. It’s like you can go to an event and be surrounded by people that say things nonchalant which relates to the animal suffering of some kind. The first year walking the path of the vegan lifestyle, I had to make the decision of letting go certain relationships with people because of their lack of understanding of what it’s about and being jerk offs. Probably wasn’t the right decision however sometimes in life you got to do what you gotta do and accept the repercussions that come later. However, those same people that made fun of you will come back to you later agreeing that you was right all along. What you need to understand is that people are where they’re at mentally, spiritually, and physically. Understanding that alone can or may help you overcome the vegan blues when dealing with relationships of others going away, because you decided to cut ties off.

When it comes to romantic relationships the love you attract is usually a reflection of you. It goes without saying at this current moment that females outnumber males in the vegan department. So if y’all strictly want a male vegan partner, the wait may be longer for you. Hence, the start of your vegan blues when it comes to relationships on a romantic level. I have met females that have compromised and got involved with a carnivore-like or vegetarian partner. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t but it’s understood why it doesn’t work out in the long run. For me, I take romantic relationships very seriously because every beginning has an end. Of course I prefer a vegan female to connect with on a romantic level however love is more than just about what someone eats. It’s a holistic feel. Sometimes it could be a bit lonely; however you’re really not alone because this person out there meant for you exist just not physically at the moment. The anticipation of what’s really meant for you to come fill you with more happiness because sometimes assess make the heart grow fonder. The energy it takes for you to be sad or depressed because you don’t have a romantic love that you long for, could be used to create and manifests something else. In essence a form of transmutation, so let that be your inspiration for reaching your highest destiny in this life time.

You ever found yourself eating at vegan restaurant by yourself? Chances are that’s your choice because usually there are other people that you can easily connect with instead of keeping to yourself. Yes, I get it. If people you connect with may not have the time or choose not to make time to eat vegan way and you may not want to compromise and being around flesh eating people. Sometimes to keep the connection with humans, a compromise is in order to keep balance in a relationship. If you feel down because your meals aren’t exciting without people to share it with, then you’re more than welcome to communicate with people around the area you’re eating at. No need for the vegan blues in this department. It’s just a sign that you need to integrate with everybody and learn your style of adapting to all situations. For me, solitude is a wonderful feeling though lol.

If most of your vegan connections are out of state or country, then it’s time for you to potentially step up and become a vegan leader in your area. Easier said than done right? New York City is like one of the meccas to be around live vegans and I’m here. Truth be told, if I was in a situation where being around like-minded vegans then what create opportunity online and the local area to come together. A friendly reminder, just because somebody has the same eating habits or lifestyle as you does it mean that you will have instant connection to develop a meaningful relationship. Like most things in life, it’s holistic. Be happy with what you have now and integrate with others as best as you can, and don’t let the negative feelings of not having people with the same views as you lower your state of mind.

It’s perfectly normal to feel down every now and then my friend. The rainy days makes you appreciate the sunny days 😉 You are in control of your feelings so when outside circumstances affect you, it’s your decisions on how to react which matters most.

Eat plants 🙂


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