4 Things This Vegan Does To Stay In Shape

4 Things This Vegan Does To Stay In Shape

You’re probably wondering why somebody that lives a vegan lifestyle does things to stay in shape. If you think vegans eat only salads and are all skinny, then you need to get the memo on what time it is in the world. A brotha is still enthused that vegan females have the capacity for having a big booty. If you’re asking yourself how that is possible, even I was surprised to see the different vegan beauty out there to view. The vegan tribe comes and all sizes when it comes to the body and it’s because of the food or foodstuffs they choose to eat.

On the vegan journey, the first 12 months I ate primarily whole foods until I got introduced to a variety of vegan comfort foods. Being a true fat ass at heart, you can say that I may have overindulged with the options that were provided from vegan restaurants. Next thing you know my abs weren’t as visible as they used to be, however I was still making muscle gains during the process. Going to vegan events and connecting with vegans online, I notice all of the beautiful food shared and the extra weight people embodied physically. It mind-boggled me at the time but then when putting pieces of the puzzles together on what people and myself were eating it may logical sense why we were gaining extra “waste” on our bodies.

When you put foreign foods inside of your body, apparently it doesn’t digest properly, then stays inside your body until you eat natural and cleansing plant foods. Preferably, it’s best to have in their raw state of course. At the moment, I’ve been eating fruits and herbs only for the past four days which have been purging the vegan comfort food that’s been eaten after that long fruit feast journey. It’s amazing how awesome the body is at regenerating itself. Yes, there are people out there that can literally eat anything and not any type of fat on their body because of their high metabolism, which also counts of those same types of people living a vegan lifestyle. However, this is just me sharing my perception on what I’ve seen from past experience.

The first thing I do to stay in shape with the vegan lifestyle is drinking primarily water every day. It sounds so simple yet it seems a lot of people love their soda, alcohol, synthetic juices, wine, dairy milk, protein shakes, and etc. Some of those same people barely drink straight water at all and wonder why their health is where it’s at. Water is very simplistic and helps the body in many ways while helping to flush the system of toxins in the body. What I’ve learned as far as how much water should be consumed in a day, is you take your body weight in pounds then divide that by two and that’s how many ounces of water to drink in a day.

The second thing I do to stay in shape with the vegan lifestyle is to eat at certain times during the day. Intermittent Fasting played a key role in me staying fit since 2011, before being vegan. My eating windows are usually between the hours of 12 PM to 8 PM. Have learned that breakfast time is the best window for eating the most throughout the day and around dinnertime is best to eat less now what we had for breakfast for digestion purposes. How true is that? It works out for me so can only speak of my personal experience. The leanness of my body is probably because of this way of eating in my opinion.

The third thing that I do to stay in shape with the vegan lifestyle is exercising Monday to Thursday mornings after waking up. It takes real discipline to continue this regimen; however it’s proved to be very beneficial in the long run. Growing up chubby and eating all the food that anybody gave to me because of my fat tendencies LOL. Exercising was never a thing of my mind until I turned 16 and lost one arm wrestling match to one of my close friends. Because I wanted to win a rematch, I decided to take my weight training class more serious instead of looking all the females and hiding behind the machines LOL.

The fourth thing I do to stay in shape with the vegan lifestyle is to minimize or remove unnecessary stress in life. Sometimes we forget that our feelings and emotions play a role in our physical body. A couple years ago before I was vegan, when overly stress from working in the Navy I used to eat in excess and drink alcohol to satisfy my mood. However, without exercising at the time it played a role in weight gain. Many people handle stress differently but in some cases they handle it with eating sweets, excessive food, junk food and/or etc. to satisfy the stress load that they let control or affect them. These days a brother is wiser on how he handle stress. From meditation, listening to healing frequencies, working with crystals, and using the power of mind. This helps to take control of my life and release what doesn’t serve me so I become light, instead of being heavy.

Staying in shape is simple and most people usually claim to know what to do but lack the discipline to do what’s necessary to be in shape. To the vegan fam bam out there, the key to staying fit is the whole food plants. Vegan comfort food will get you if you have too much of it hypothetically speaking, true?

Eat Plants 😉


2 thoughts on “4 Things This Vegan Does To Stay In Shape

  1. Everything you say is so true! And not only for vegans but for any lifestyle.

    When I wasn’t vegan, I struggled to eat my veggies, as a vegan, I still do. But now it is simpler because I know that I have to rely on veggies to get most of my nutrients.

    This is a well written article and helps to debunk so many myths around us vegans.

    btw, Love the simplicity of the article!

    1. LOL! Life is simple, however it’s like we sometimes over complicate things because of past beliefs. So long as others are open, then the clear message can be understood, true?

      Thanks and how long you been with the lifestyle? The vegan community it growing!

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