How I Handle Cleansing Symptoms When Eating Raw Vegan

How I Handle Cleansing Symptoms When Eating Raw Vegan

Don’t you love running full speed to the toilet when your body is releasing the unnecessary from the system when eating raw vegan? I do, because it makes great cardio in the end. All jokes aside, was eating fruits and herbs only for a few days recently and was shocked how frequent the peeing was at the time.

You ever noticed that happening to you?

You start a detox or cleansing regimen and next thing you know at some point a lot of fluid seems to come out for a period of time. It makes great for an alarm clock when you’re in deep sleep then keep waking up because nature calls. We should rejoice when things like this occurs because our body is signaling us that a bit of the toxins we had from introducing our body is getting eliminated. How I handle this is knowing in advance to cleanse during the days I know I don’t have to go out far because sometimes it can be a hassle frequenting the toilet to do number one or two.

Ever noticed your skin breaking out while you cleanse?

It’s funny, when a brotha is holistically eating vegan then the skin is clear. Soon as I start going raw, it’s like whatever toxins that’s been creeping in the body gets forced out via the skin. From my understanding, I believe what’s happening is because the body is healing at a fast regenerating state, some parts of the body, ie the skin, will use that part of the body as a process for elimination. No need to freak out if it’s happening to you. There’s a term known as the healing crisis, which in simpler terms means things get worse before they get better. Because I’m a dude, a bit of pimples is not that big of a deal. However, for the females out there that really want to clear up their situation may seek clay to accelerate the healing of the skin. Moroccan red clay may work wonders for your face and also the hair/scalp. Research it :0

Did you start to feel fatigue out of nowhere?

It’s so weird. One minute you’re all energized feeling like a superhero, then you start feeling tired and want to sleep at random times of the day. Rejoice! When you rest, the body seems to repair and heal, right? It’s like a sign from the divine that our cleansing period from eating raw appears to require rest in order to regenerate. I used to wonder why that happened until did a few research on the “oracle” of knowledge from google. We flush out all the toxins at a fast rate with raw natural foods, so it make sense the overworking of our internal energy will make us require rest to recuperate from within. I handle this part of cleansing by taking short naps if possible if I’m working from home. If out, then would have to keep on moving on until getting back home at some point. How do you handle this cleansing symptom?

Ever noticed body aches out while you cleanse?

Lol, this is how you know the part that’s aching insides is acid. Healing sometimes can be a pain in the neck. The last time I was raw vegan, I had a neck ache that took a while to normalize. At first, figured the way I slept was wrong like most people lol. However, it dawned on me how it randomly occurred earlier in the day after waking up perfectly fine. Sometimes we deserve the pain we get when violating our bodies from within. How I handle the ache is praying to the divine is I don’t turn my neck the wrong way for excruciating pain. You know that feeling, don’t you? LOL.

What about experiencing cravings as a symptom?

You never miss a good tasting thing until it leaves you. Then again, when it comes to food it’s the variety we shouldn’t eat like starch, fried foods, and/or cooked food in general. Am I the only one that fantasizes about vegan mac & cheese, chickn, french fries, quinoa, cashew cheese cake, and etc. when fully raw? It’s like the body seriously goes into this mode of seeking food it’s used to having on a regular and sparks an impulse to crave foods we are purposely not consuming for the time being. This is where discipline comes into play and why it’s important. How I handle the cravings are remembering what’s more important for the body as a whole. It’s all free will at the end of the day. Self-control should be your goal when the cravings come up.

As weird as this may sound, we should be grateful and happy for the symptoms we get from cleansing because it may be a sign of healing 😉 Isn’t that part of why we detox or cleanse anyway?

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