4 Ways To Check Your Vegan Ego

4 Ways To Check Your Vegan Ego

Does being vegan give you super powers?

If you ever seen the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World then you’re aware how special you are with the vegan gifts you’ve acquired. However, you should watch out because it doesn’t mean that you’re better than most people lol. Click here to understand the reference and continue to read on.

Believe me; I understand the vegan pride that comes with the lifestyle because you really are making an impact with your choice. Like most groups, you’ll always have people that take the lifestyle too far and show a side to the humanity that makes the vegan tribe get stereotyped and viewed as crazy. Fuck them. They’re not perfect so they have no right to judge, however there are still times where your ego needs to get checked before you wreck yourself in some form.

The first way to check your vegan ego is to realize not everyone is at the same level as you on your journey. They don’t understand or care to the level as the vegan community so let them figure out the ills of their actions like most of us have. I know what it’s like to be around people that eat flesh like it’s nothing and me acting all righteous like eating vegan is superior. Yes, in the beginning stages I may have been a bit of a vegan egotistic dude but the passion was ignorantly charged at that point. It’s like you really want to assist in eliminating as much animal cruelty as possible but your passion can sometimes get the best of you. Check your ego by thinking how your actions can impact the situation in a negative way, then learn how to ask the right questions to make people think. No one likes people talking at them.

The second way to check your vegan ego is by not judging other vegans. You’d be surprised how some people with the lifestyle ridicule other vegans because of wearing a leather belt, leather shoes, down winter coat, or etc. Not everyone has the financial means to buy new vegan apparel and have to settle with what they had beforehand. No one is perfect and others with the vegan lifestyle. You’d be surprised of the occasions on certain vegan facebook groups how bashing gets started and elevate. For those that is judging out there, remember to treat others how you want to be treated and imagine how you’d feel if someone did the same to you.

The third way to check your vegan ego is breathe in and out calmly when another pokes fun at the vegan way of living. People respond differently in certain situations, however if you’re the type of herbivore that’s set in their plant based ways and would negatively respond to the jerk, then ego has taken over. I get it, you’re strong in your beliefs and saving innocent sentient beings but your negativity won’t solve much except your satisfaction. You ever heard of the saying “kill them with kindness”? That is how you can tastefully get your point across. Easier said than done, however you’re greater than your ego so no need to let it control you.

The fourth way to check ego yourself is reminder that being vegan is one aspect to YOU. Yes, most parts of your life are most likely linked to the vegan lifestyle. It’s also healthy to be strong in your conviction because it is a passion that most of us have within and without. Whether other people know it or not is not their business, unless they are cooking for you and should know ASAP what you can and cannot eat or what to give you as far as gifts. It’s probably a slap in the face if someone buys you a leather jacket while knowing your ethics, which gives an opportunity for the vegan ego to come out. What would you do in this situation?  You can check your ego by accepting the situation for what it is and giving or donating it to another because of your beliefs. If the person asks in the future why you haven’t worn it, then you could inform them why you can’t. This is one of many examples of how you can go about this situation; however it’s your free will that decides how to check your ego in the situation. You’re more than a title.

You got the vegan juice homie. What you do with it is up to you. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Cool beans?

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