How Would You Feel If Life Was A Dream?

How Would You Feel If Life Was A Dream?

Every day we wake up from a dream or nightmare. The place where possibilities are limitless and fascinating when you know how to control the dream realm. We can do things such as running faster than a speeding bullet, have and use super strength, fly, walk through walls, breathe under water and etc.

Can you tell how wild my dreams can be? Lol

Will not get into the dreams where a brotha is eating a whole vegan meal just to wake up full as if it was real then get angry because none of it was real in this material world.

Don’t judge.

Anyway, we all sleep to get our rest and rejuvenate our body for the hours we get at night. During this repetitive process you may start to question if this current realm is another dream to wake up from.

Is this what they mean by sleep is the cousin of death?

We could have already passed away and this lifetime is just a long dream to one day to remember to become the creator of our own lives. You don’t have to sleep to create magic in that dreamland.

If this life we live is a dream, then what happens next?

You live with awareness and are confident enough to put practical use of what can be done to manifest the life we live. I still think this self-realization came to me and made the changes to live my making. Of course sacrifices are to be made and obstacles come along the way, however these experiences are necessary for growth. Plus, in the next dream we won’t have to through similar hardships or accomplishments.

Most people at the moment are trapped in their own minds by channels and programs created by others. The funny part is what we accept is a reflection of who we are whether we like it or not. It’s like you can learn something new and apply to get a good or bad results. Overtime we get better at most things with continued practice, but in a dream we can master anything once our mind and faith are aligned. Sure it’s a different dimension, however is it different because that’s how we was programmed to believe it to be or is that just how it is. Who really knows is your higher self.

If you’re reading this, then there’s a strong possibility you understand this in some shape or form. Your lives are what you make it and believe it to be. Accepting it as another dream world is your choice. However, from here on out just make sure you keep enhancing yourself to make the planet a better place.

Eat Plants 🙂

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