How To Control Overeating As A Vegan

How To Control Overeating As A Vegan

So, you’re vegan but find yourself eating way more than you should?

Have you gained a noticeable amount of weight and confused because of eating the vegan way?

Life is complexing if you believe it to be. Sometimes we have to remember how simple it really is if we really pay attention. There are always hidden clues for us to see what’s brought to the surface. Growing up, I used to eat way more than was probably recommended from the average dietician. I was a true fat ass at heart which loved to eat as much food and foodstuff as possible.  This may have been the reason of me being chubby during those years lol.

These days from my understanding of proper food sources and certain way of eating, I don’t feel as hungry or the need to really eat so much as others because of the nutrient dense food from nature. Unfortunately, there’s information out there misleading people with the vegan lifestyle on the correct foods to eat. Chances are that if you consume the wrong foods then you’ll pay for it by your body’s need to keep eating until the proper nourishment is necessary within.

How come some vegans overeat?

The reasons vary. However, they relate on a mind, body, and spirit level when you think about it. There’s something going on in your mind for you to keep thinking about food, which keeps you going for more vegan food to eat. Your body continues to require more food because of missing nutrients that triggers one to keep you on the mission for more vegan noms. Lol, believe me I know that feeling very well. You think you’re done eating whatever vegan comfort food, then a few minutes later you want more hahaha. Then, your soul could be empty which food has become a source for compensating the emptiness which could be the root cause of your overindulgence.

There have been days when my mind was fixated on vegan mac and cheese or raw unsalted cashews. Once a taste of it been achieved, then the bit of over indulgence may have occurred lol. Freaking a whole bag of the cashews would be done in a day. Why? Because my mind seems to have had an addiction to them, which some of you cashew lovers may relate. Whatever food is on your mind gives you the opportunity to be aware of who or what is really in control. These days I barely have cashews because of the realization that the mind I possess is stronger than cashews or other vegan comfort food. Some of may not realize the nutrient deficient chemical laced vegan food somehow effects your mind and brain for coming back for more. To overcome situations that call for self-control with your mind to move toward natural foods your overeating may cease overtime. Raw vegan is an option.

Your body speaks to you metaphorically in a lot of ways. There’s a reason it makes you do things like eating more than you have to. Some overeat to fill an emptiness and side. You ever noticed how people, especially females love their sweets? Subliminally could mean that nothing sweet is going on in their lives so they compensate with the sugar vegan goodies. However, that’s a potential though. To control your body desire for continued food consumption, then pay attention to the food or foodstuffs going inside. What you eat is a reflection of you and what’s not designed for you naturally may stick inside of you. When you notice yourself eating way too much than necessary, question yourself whether if it’s a necessity for your temple of god.

Your soul is not your body. It may be damaged to a degree that overeating is a mechanism to make your soul feel whole again. Think that could be a reason for my overeating of food as a kid. Wasn’t vegan then, but sure would’ve had the same challenge. Guess the pain of no pops around and an abusive mother could do that to a young buck; however it is what it is. Another way you can probably resolve your spirit challenge is to let go of the negative blockages and transmute the left over energy to meaningful things on your remaining time on earth.

If any of this resonated with you then Scooby doo. Eat with awareness and love every natural bite homie.

Eat plants 🙂

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