How To Go Vegan In 2017?

How To Go Vegan In 2017?

Are you a new vegan and still trying to figure out this lifestyle?

Congratulations on your big decision in 2017. It appears you made this choice on a whole year number 1 which represents many new beginnings being a theme for this year. That’s because 2+0+1+7=10 which 1+0=1. Welcome to the world of numerology where you just got served. OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH. Lol, I’m just having fun with you. However, you should be mindful that it’s your year to be self-assured and more independent with the decisions in your life.

What’s your reason for going vegan?

Many people do it because of seeing the cruelty toward the animals, their health, environment, karma, and/or etc. But, your reason is most important because that’s the foundation to keep you in check when some challenges come your way. It shouldn’t be many, however with anything new there are quite a bit of obstacles in life. Being clear and serious about your reason will make it worth it on your journey. The animals, health, spirituality, and the planet are some of my reasons for the change back in November 2011.

Are you still clueless on what to eat and limited on food choices?

Sometime ago, a stranger found out I was vegan and asked what does that mean. It’s kind of confusing to me how others have no clue in this day and age, however how you blame them. If people knew how amazing eating natural foods or vegan comfort food, then there’s a great chance they’d leave the dairy and animal flesh. The natural foods come from the basics such as grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, legumes, herbs, and spices. You’d be surprised what you can create with nature and also vegan comfort food. If you look at the vegan food porn section on this blog, then you’ll get an idea of what’s possible. If you miss the taste of chicken, beef, seafood, cheese, and etc. then fear not because there’s vegan alternatives for them.

Will your relationships change with the vegan lifestyle?

Any relationship can change at any time for any reason. If your friend, family member, or coworker gives you negative feedback without understand your point of you, and then it kind of exposes the true essence in this 2 way relationship between you. There may be situations where your vegan journey will strengthen a relationship to the point it may save a life. Some people seem to need a life and death health challenge for motivation to eat a whole food plant based diet in order to regeneration the condition they have. It is what it is.

Where the vegans at?

It took me almost a year before making connections with other vegans. This was accomplished thanks to the power of the internet. You would think living in NYC it’d be easy to find other vegans, which it can be. However, you have to take account that just because someone eats like you doesn’t mean they’ll be like minded to your personality as well. No need to worry because overtime you’ll figure out on your own the best way to find your vibes. It can be at vegan restaurants, vegfest conferences at your area, meetups, Eventbrite meetings, and etc. Sometimes a google search may do the trick. You are not alone if you have the will and desire to achieve what you truly desire.

Should you inform publicly your new vegan journey?

What you want the world to know is your business. Back when I went vegan, I told people I knew of and posted vegan food porn pictures to let those with eyes to see the possibilities of this lifestyle. Try not to impose your views on others because how would you feel if they kept beating down your throat why you must eat animals? Do what you believe and feel is right for you and remember what goes around comes around.

What other questions do you have about going vegan?

Eat fruits & stay true to you.


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