Smell The Melon

Smell The Melon

Simple fruits to fuel and power the heart and sacral chakras.

Did you know fruits plays a role with the chakras we have?

Me neither. That is until an acquaintance but me on. At the moment it’s day 12 on the vegan god ki ambrosia feast and feel AMAZING. Not as great as the first time because this time of having the experience. My body is like “oh, this feeling again? Yeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!”

The funny part is the amount of poop that’s been coming out in large chunks but smells like nothing. Pretty sure it’s the processed vegan food that’s been chilling in my insides like “I’m loving this new environment.” Lol, if only we could have a two way conversation with our food.

Can you imagine? LOL

What plant food would you like to share today?

Eat plants & stay true to you.



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