Is Connecting With Vegans Online Worth It?

Is Connecting With Vegans Online Worth It?

It is funny to say this to you, but I don’t think I should. Okay, I’ll tell you anyway. There was a challenge with my laptop and had to make sure that I saved the information before closing out the word document. For some odd reason the blog post that was originally written for this didn’t save and literally starting from scratch at the moment. Most people would be upset or disturbed with their entire work being erased from existence, however I will play this crystal singing bowl and start from scratch. LOL.

If you’re a new vegan and in person it seems like there’s no other like-minded vegan people to connect with, then chances are you’ll look online for them. That wasn’t the case for me initially. When you’re a loner by nature, you appreciate the solitude and love the ability to have the free will to share your energy with the select few. However, it got to a point with me where I wanted to connect with other vegans at least by online means. Friendly reminder, a couple of ways for you to connect with vegans in person are going to local Vegfests, vegan restaurants, meet up events specifically for vegans, or ask yourself if you were vegan then where would you be.

At this point in your life you probably realize that online is the most preferred method because you can connect with people from not only your area but worldwide. One of the most popular ways you can find other vegans easily is by Facebook groups, specifically tailored toward vegans. When I discovered this I was like a kid in a candy store like OMG vegans everywhere that loves to share their food pictures, have discussions on a variety of vegan topics, see what their reasons for going vegan are, and etc. This is how it was possible for me to go from hundreds of Facebook connections to almost 5000 friends on that platform. In order to do grow your connection like that when you join multiple Facebook groups find the infamous vegan friend bombs and you’ll be able to add a whole bunch across the globe. But there’s a question you’re probably asking yourself.

Is it worth it?

The answer for this question is it depends. From personal experience, it seemed in the beginning that connecting with vegans in some shape or form was awesome. But is it a true connection? It’s kind of like how you may think you have a friend or acquaintance but the person could be in your life to have you as a resource. Not to say that’s what most vegans online are like, however that was just an example. After I connected with so many people with the lifestyle online, then the following step is communicating with them. The funny part about that is you’ll notice there being more females than males with this lifestyle. So fellas, don’t be surprised if some of them think that you’re hitting on them. Of course there’s a story for that. For some reason a particular female must have thought I was trying to get something because she informed her boyfriend that I was communicating with her. He in turn hit me up saying stop talking to his girlfriend and this that and the third. So a brother made the wise decision, I simply blocked them both because it appeared it may have been a miscommunication. Although I’m a fan of beauty, it’s completely disrespectful to try to develop a romantic or sexual relationship with somebody already involved and a relationship that’s not single. What goes around comes around so if I don’t want that to happen to me, then obviously shouldn’t to do it to others.

You also have to be on the lookout for certain vegans that are connecting with you to expose a product or service whether that be directly or indirectly. If you check their Facebook wall then you will pretty much get an idea of what I’m referring to. Don’t be surprised if you also find others to connect with online that’s in your local area. If the vibe is right and it seems like somebody that you actually want to develop a real life relationship, then do you. You need to go good or bad but time will tell. Here in New York City, majority of the vegans I met were female. One woman thought that a different type of relationship was in the works, however a word from the wise you should always be up front with people on the relationship you plan to have instead of making them believe what they want to. It’ll save you a headache later or one less person to further communicate with because of weird vibes.

Overtime, you’ll also realize that just because someone is vegan doesn’t mean that you will be the closest of friends. There are many aspects to being a spiritual being having a human experience besides the food they eat. It took a brother awhile to realize that. It’s cool to be connected however it’s important to have a connection. Whatever you do will be up to you in order to learn your lessons and experience the different ways of how to surround yourself with the vegan tribe online. This is one of the reasons why I’m in development of creating a way new vegans can connect with each other at potentially a similar mindset. It’s still important that you really understand that the community online. You’ll see some that are really gung ho preaching the message, animal right activists to the extreme, vegan judges, or angry vegans. On the bright side is you’ll find peaceful, loving, open, and awesome vegans that connecting with is a true blessing. I’m so grateful for the ones I found because we call complete each other 🙂

What’s your input on if it’s worth it connecting with other vegans online?

Eat fruits and stay true to you.


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