Why Eating Raw Vegan Is Life

Why Eating Raw Vegan Is Life

Do you remember the feeling you had as a child after playing with your friends and finished eating your favorite candy?

I think that’s the best way to express how one would feel after consistently eating fruits and herbs for at least seven days straight. It’s like this level of reaching spiritual bliss if one can even call it that. At the current moment it’s day 19 on this 22 day vegan God ki, however by the time you read this the adventure will be over. If you have the discipline to do something like this then more power to you but that’s out of your own free will because it takes a real strong discipline to go through the and urging effects that come along with this nonetheless.

When one embarks on the vegan lifestyle how you can choose to eat. You can eat a lot of vegan junk-food such as brownies, cakes, chips, pizza, burgers, and etc. Or, you can eat primarily plant based and have all of your foods come from the veggies, grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and lagoons which can be eaten in three different ways. You can eat them raw, cooked, or both. If you’re wondering which is best to eat then no that the answer is what you ultimately choose because your body and you know what’s best. However, you are reading this because there’s a question that you wanted to be answered.

Why is eating raw vegan life?

The true question should be asked if you were trapped on a desert island with no way of creating fire, then would you be able to live and thrive on there. Let’s not forget to add the island has natural plant foods that are edible to eat. This is not to say that cooked foods or processed foods should never be eaten but the feeling you get from eating raw vegan is quite awesome. Of course that’s my personal opinion. The energy, brain function, bowel movements, happiness level, sex drive, and etc. really become maximized over time eating raw. For those with experience transitioning from a consistent raw lifestyle to cook foods can agree that the energy diminishes on a noticeable level. If that’s not confirmation that we really should be sticking to the raw in the proper environment, then I don’t know what is.

If you’re someone that complains how they have no energy, wakes up groggy, or exhausted before sleep and you have the vegan lifestyle, then maybe it’s time to check what you’re consuming daily. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean that you help is on the right track. You could be drinking coffee, which is set to be a stimulant does it mean is give you the proper energy that you eat. Those vegan bagels, croissants, oatmeal, or etc. may not be the proper solution. One thing that’s worked for me was eating only fruits or breakfast which gives me the natural nutrients and energy the body requires and helps proper circulation. That’s even when I’m not doing the fruit feast. Switching to juicing, smoothies, or whole foods for breakfast may give you that jump of energy that you and your body deserve. There’s nothing better or more fun than feeling like you’re the flash from the DC comic book just having this increased sense of awareness and moving our understanding thing at a faster level because simply eating fruits or fasting until new. That’s another story though.

The bowel movements have been simply amazing. You ever sat down, which the best way to poop is really to squat to release all of what’s supposed to come out, then felt like everything came out peacefully? I never knew how awesome doing number two in the bathroom would feel until eating only raw. Not to mention how when you go to wipe yourself how nothing or barely anything gets on the tissue because it’s so pure. I do question how so much come out of oneself from could only eating fruits and herbs, but it makes sense that you’re cleansing the body of all the foreign things that shouldn’t be inside so it makes sense.

My brain function seems to pick up on a lot of information with more clarity. For example, when I’m learning business information to improve and add on to the current businesses that I’m either working on or developing, it’s like pieces of the puzzle just blow at a quicker rate than it did before. It’s like a blessing in disguise which helps with dealing with potential customers as well and communicating effectively.

We won’t get into the teenage like sex drive that seems to occur for me every time I eat raw vegan LOL. However, I will say that it’s a great discipline to practice when not succumbing to the desire for sex which helps to transmute that energy into productive activities Zen-like or happy feeling that exudes throughout my entire energy field. It pays to eat foods that come from nature in its raw form because you combined with that particular energy and it really up lists everything about you on a holistic level. This is until you may go through minor healing crisis symptoms which can range from fatigue, common cold, rashes, headaches, and etc. everyone will have their own version of what it will occur with them.

If you had a raw vegan experience on your path in life, then be so kind to share below so others can know from your experience why the raw vegan way of eating is life. Another thing to remember is that location more than likely matters how much you be able to benefit from this way of eating.

Eat fruits and stay true to you 🙂

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