Why People Fail At Motivation After Becoming Vegan Overtime

Why People Fail At Motivation After Becoming Vegan Overtime

You ever spoke with someone that claimed to have been vegan in the past, and then there was a huge BUT afterwards?

Yep, that happened to me quite a bit of times. It kind of makes you sit there and wonder what their motivation to doing it in the beginning was. From my experience, a number of people transition to the lifestyle because of health challenges. It’s amazing how deteriorating health problems can be a strong motivation to live or eat a certain way they’re naturally designed to do so. But, when they reach back to the health of their desire and motivation goes away then it’s easy for them to revert back to where they were before. True or false?

Always remember to ask people that’s no longer vegan why they decided to go vegan in the first place because usually that’s the foundation to what teach them a certain way. If the foundation is weak or not truly strong like those that continue to live the lifestyle, then it’s only a matter of time before they’re no longer living the way of a vegan. One of my home girls adopted the vegan lifestyle because of my example and the experience she had at the SEED Experience in the city. For those curious about what the Seed experience is it’s an event where you can learn from vegan speakers and see different vendors selling vegan products for the most part. I guess she got caught up on the results and didn’t really have a true why for doing it because the motivation lasted not even a month and when I asked why, all I heard were excuses.

Would you agree that a strong motivation for anything is the root of why people keep at it?

If your answer is yes and you’re still vegan, then your why foundation is more than likely the power behind the drive which keeps you strong with this way of living. The vegan lifestyle is simple however some people just complicate the process. For those that lack the initial willpower to eat plant based then recognizing where your motivation is a good start should you choose the light side LOL. At least things should be making sense for you in regards of you figuring out your true motivation for change. Inspiration and aspirations are usually the feeling behind it. Life is funny; because I’m remembering an old friend that attempted the vegan lifestyle but quit under a week because a girl he was talking to invite him to a birthday party and offered food with flesh. The universe will always test you and only your actions will determine if your motivation is truly strong or not.

At the end of the day remember to always eat fruits and stay true to you.

What story can you share that involves someone you know losing their vegan edge at their motivation is loss?

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