Got Potato Veggie Combo?

Got Potato Veggie Combo?

You ever got hungry and decided to throw something together real quick?

Yup, I know exactly how you feel.

Had red potatoes just sitting there looking lonely and untouched so I took two and chopped them real nice. Got some orange bell peppers, yellow chakras (lol I meant squash), purple onions, and cucumbers to chop as well. After the potatoes finished boiled, then added the some of my favorite herbs and spices such as oregano, cayenne pepper, thyme, and etc. By the way, coconut aminos are a must in addition to the finish mix up.

Personally, a brother likes to add the raw veggies last so the nutrients don’t disappear.

What vegan food porn do you have to share this week?

Eat fruits and stay true to you.

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