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5 Pros and Cons To The Vegan Lifestyle

5 Pros and Cons To The Vegan Lifestyle

It’s crazy how time flies. I was looking at the date and realized that it was really November 1, 2012 that a brother went vegan.

Yay 🙂

Of course, there were many upsides and downsides from personal experience I had that inspired to share at least five pros and cons for any new vegan to be aware of with this lifestyle. We embark on a journey for many different reasons.

What were mine reasons for adopting the vegan lifestyle?

It all happened so fast with the documentaries, the books, karma, the animals, health, and etc. When you do your personal research it all make sense it becomes a choice for one to make. It really takes a courageous and bold soul to adopt this lifestyle and when you look at the numbers in the good old USA, you see majority of people that adopted the plant based lifestyle are the now. You’d think it would make logical sense to the males of the human race, but a brother has been proven wrong.

LOL, let’s move forward.

The first pro to the vegan lifestyle is you have peace of mind knowing that you’re not part of the unnecessary death of animals or refrain from as much animal cruelty as possible. Imagine looking into the eyes of the dog, cat, insect or even a rabbit. If you’re really in tune, you see life that want to experience and live just like you do. I understand that in nature it’s survival of the fittest and carnivores do their thing in order for them to live, however with us being spiritual beings in human form, we don’t need to eat meat or by-products of flesh to survive. Some may ask why they been able to eat meat and dairy their entire lives and nothing major has happened to them, which lets you know how powerful the body is when it comes to adapting to what goes inside of their body. Over time of doing so may manifest in disease, discomfort, pain, illness or etc. When you go vegan and eat in a certain way, there’s a chance that your choice of not supporting the animal industry can benefits you on holistic levels. Your mind is clearer because you know you’re not part of the suffering going on with the chickens, cows, fish, bees, and etc.

The first con to the vegan lifestyle is you may have to be extremely armed with information when ignorant comments are made to you about you being vegan. It’s kind of like you having to be right for your decision which most people converting to this lifestyle may be overwhelmed at first. Here you are doing the best you can not supporting animal cruelty and some people automatically assume you lack protein and have mineral deficiencies. I remember in the past that some of the people I knew made fun of me because of their lack of understanding, however you should always remember that what goes around comes around. It would be in your best interest to take the time to read articles or books on transition into the vegan lifestyle so you already have the answers ready when others ask you a flood of questions. One of the books I recommend is from an author named Victoria Moran and it’s called Main Street Vegan. Yes, it is a pain dealing with ignorant people but at least now you know in advance to self-educate yourself so you can get the correct answers to prove them wrong. Not even sure if this is a con anymore LOL.

The second Pro to the vegan lifestyle is the potential health improvement that you may notice on your journey. It may vary though from clear skin, weight loss, younger appearance, more energy, healing from a disease, and/or etc. This lifestyle can be very multidimensional and results will vary. For me, notice a lot pounds being release from all the dead flesh in my body thanks to eating raw plants consistently. In the beginning, I had a lot of healing crisis situations going on such as bruising on the face, cold symptoms, and fatigue. Guess that’s the price to pay when you violate your temple of God. After that ordeal my skin was clear, energy was as high as a teenager and was able to process information at a better rate which helped with my college performance. There are stories of people healing from diseases by switching to eating a plant based diet. One of my former friends hit me up and apologize for disrespecting my vegan way of living and informing how eating plant based literally saved his life from a disease that he had a don’t remember the name of it. Whatever’s going on with you inwardly, just know that nature got you.

The second con to the vegan lifestyle is if you don’t eat correctly, then your health will more than likely deteriorate over time. This is another reason why educating yourself on proper nutrition with plants is important. Don’t be surprised if people be quick to discredit the vegan name because of your decision of not doing so in advance. You’ll hear that vegan slack four things and nutrition which are iron, b12, vitamin D, and calcium. On the real, if you eat a lot of vegan junk food and barely any whole foods then you gonna have some challenges with you how because you not eating nutrient dense foods. If you believe in fortified processed foods and this that and the third then it’s on you. Once again, nature has you covered as far as all the nutrients your body needs in the plant kingdom it’s just a matter of you doing your own personal research.

The third pro to the vegan lifestyle is the potential for new vegan connections on a local and national level. It’s one thing to go vegan, however it’s all fun and games until you’re by yourself. But, you now have room for improving relationships with other like-minded vegan people. Yes it is rare to connect on a serious level with the vegan where you’re at right now, unless if you’re in New York, Atlanta, or California. Even that is not a guarantee, however with the power of social media your vegan tribe is there for the taking. Thanks to tools such as Meet up, Facebook, eventbrite or etc. I was able just be around people that I can eat, knowing that they just get it. Seasoned vegans understand what a brother is talking about. Fair warning though, just because somebody is vegan doesn’t mean that you will vibe with them on a holistic level.

The third con to the vegan lifestyle is the potential for losing a lot of relationships with those you had prior to your transition. There’s no one to blame in a situation like this. Not everyone that you know will understand or want to be around you because of the example that you are setting based on your belief. You may also get distaste from certain negative energy people in your circle which can range from your family friends or work associates. Just remember that it’s okay to let go what doesn’t serve you and is also possible for you to still grow with people that may not be about the vegan lifestyle but still support you in your decision and growth in life.

To the vegan lifestyle The fourth Pro to the vegan lifestyle is the variety of vegan food that you have access to once you explore out in the world. OM freaking G I tell you. When I first went vegetarian, I was limited to salads, rice, eggs, beans, and potatoes, noodles, and cheese with honey of course. Imagine the surprise on my face when I realized vegetarian and veganism were completely different. Had no idea the damage I was doing by eating dairy, however that’s how you learned in life is through the mistakes we make. The crazy part is finding out that majority of the foods that you see has a vegan alternative. It’s all in the power of Google and vegan networking. For those that don’t like to personally cook, I suggest you download a free app called happy cow. With this app you can find local vegan restaurants and see the menu of what they serve. I could go on with stories of the delicious adventures I’ve been on but you could just look at the vegan food porn section on this blog and let it speak for it wink wink. You’re missing the taste of beef, chicken, fish, steak, and etc. and don’t fret because there are alternatives out there that are cruelty free with no animals being harmed at all. Enjoy the exploration.

The fourth con to the vegan lifestyle is meal limitations when being invited to social gatherings. It can be very annoying trying to explain to others you have a vegan lifestyle but all they think you eat is salad or rabbit food.. You don’t see the look in my eyes right now, however I’m remembering this particular female saying that I eat rabbit food with a serious look at her face and I’m just like “I had a vegan burger with vegan chili fries with vegans he’s just last week.” Even though it may be a challenge to eat out at a non-vegan function, this is the part where you learn how to plan in advance and bring your own food so you don’t have to be concerned about it. However, there may be times when spontaneous adventures happen to you so you gotta make do with what you can and have a salad if it’s really a must. You’re more than just a potato eater. Just saying LOL.

The fifth Pro to the vegan lifestyle is being a rare human being in the world. You walk into a room of 20 people and asked to introduce yourself and what you’d like the people to know that’s important about yourself. There’s a strong chance that your vegan lifestyle may pop up with different reactions from others. It’s okay to be the only one, because at least they know you’re one choice is beneficial in one form or more another. It’s funny because some people will say they know they should cut out meat, not go to certain places, like the zoo, or even consume anything with dairy but do so anyway. You actually made at the choice and they probably have a very high respect for you. However, the con to this which is the fifth to the vegan lifestyle is you not being vegan sooner.

Eat fruits and stay true to you 🙂