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How Astrology Changed My Life

How Astrology Changed My Life

Back in 2012 was a year of many changes for me, such as adopting the vegan lifestyle, working on personal development, contemplating dropping out of college, and etc. On the road to higher learning from independent studies, you’ll find that when you learn things YOU actually want then information is easier to retain. One of those topics was astrology which at that point thought was a sun sign only type of thing in my head. That was until someone recommended to get your natal chart done. Of course a brotha was like, “the heck is all of that?”

If you have no clue what your natal or birth chart is then you should go get it done in pdf form, then don’t be surprised if you get all confused. All that time beforehand just being a libra and proud was enough. It’s like being unplugged from the matrix. My bad. For those not knowing what the heck a natal chart is. When you were born, the stars and planets was aligned at a specific time and location of your birth. The energies absorbed became one with you and this is why you have played out certain traits in your life. So, if you know your sun sign and may be the same sign as someone but seem so different is because of different planets, other signs, and house numbers. Once again, this is probably a new concepts for some of you. I didn’t learn this in 2012 because the books I had was a bit complicated to me, however knew I’d be ready for them later in life, which turned out to be 2016.

What are the planets we share? The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, however you also have other placements such as a rising sign and midheaven. Simplifying this a bit, the planets let you know what’s happening. For example, the Sun is how you see yourself, Moon is emotions, Mercury is communications, Venus is attraction, Mars is will power, Jupiter is how you gain wisdom, Saturn is discipline, Uranus is originality, Neptune is dreams, and Pluto is how you transform.

The 12 signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Some of you may have heard of the newest edition of the 13th sign, however in my opinion from intel I’ve gathered, we shouldn’t pay it any mind because the sign comes from a different solar system that’s not part of ours. The world we live in is so…………….. unique. But that’s none of my business. If you ever felt like you carried traits of 2 signs based on the closeness of your birthday based on the transition of the signs changing then you’re a cusp, which means you may play out more of the traits of one of the signs or be a perfect blend. Twilight Zone theme plays. LOL

We also have a house number attached to each planet we have. This means where the meaning of our planet description that we’ll act out on the most. For example, my Sun is in the 10th house. You may want to recall that the sun deals with you’re the identity of how you see yourself and conscious purpose. The 10th house is Capricorn like energy, so my action on self will be acted on my public image, vocation, or position in the world. The funny part is in numerology, 10 would equal to 1 + 0 become 1. One meaning to this number is key to communication skills. It’s funny how everything connects in some way. It also explains why in different parts of my life the spotlight somehow kept coming to me whether wanting it or not. Back in the navy, used to always get singled out for being a bit of a knuckle head lol. In college, some professors would single me out because of the high grades on their exams. A bit embarrassing when your moon sign is in an earth sign which is why I may be shy at times haha.

Another funny thing, I’ve learned to control since self-teaching myself astrology is how my rising sign is in a fire sign, sun sign is in an air sign, moon sign is in an earth sign, and mercury sign is in a water sign. Had a brotha feeling like the avatar getting to bend all the elements LOL. However, it explains why most people are confused about me. Appear energetic and filled with charisma, seem balanced and peaceful, feel a bit conservative and discipline, and communicate with emotion at time. It’s so funny when you seriously figure out why your life was the way it was before you knew of these things.

It’s one thing to know thyself. It’s another to apply you as well. Now that I have an idea what the stars have let us know with a bit of wisdom being increased from numerology. It’s just a matter of time before what’s available for the future manifest. Because with this understanding of the stars, I made the choice to walk the path the universe has allowed for us to take.

How has astrology changed your life?


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