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How Would You Feel If Life Was A Dream?

How Would You Feel If Life Was A Dream?

Every day we wake up from a dream or nightmare. The place where possibilities are limitless and fascinating when you know how to control the dream realm. We can do things such as running faster than a speeding bullet, have and use super strength, fly, walk through walls, breathe under water and etc.

Can you tell how wild my dreams can be? Lol

Will not get into the dreams where a brotha is eating a whole vegan meal just to wake up full as if it was real then get angry because none of it was real in this material world.

Don’t judge.

Anyway, we all sleep to get our rest and rejuvenate our body for the hours we get at night. During this repetitive process you may start to question if this current realm is another dream to wake up from.

Is this what they mean by sleep is the cousin of death?

We could have already passed away and this lifetime is just a long dream to one day to remember to become the creator of our own lives. You don’t have to sleep to create magic in that dreamland.

If this life we live is a dream, then what happens next?

You live with awareness and are confident enough to put practical use of what can be done to manifest the life we live. I still think this self-realization came to me and made the changes to live my making. Of course sacrifices are to be made and obstacles come along the way, however these experiences are necessary for growth. Plus, in the next dream we won’t have to through similar hardships or accomplishments.

Most people at the moment are trapped in their own minds by channels and programs created by others. The funny part is what we accept is a reflection of who we are whether we like it or not. It’s like you can learn something new and apply to get a good or bad results. Overtime we get better at most things with continued practice, but in a dream we can master anything once our mind and faith are aligned. Sure it’s a different dimension, however is it different because that’s how we was programmed to believe it to be or is that just how it is. Who really knows is your higher self.

If you’re reading this, then there’s a strong possibility you understand this in some shape or form. Your lives are what you make it and believe it to be. Accepting it as another dream world is your choice. However, from here on out just make sure you keep enhancing yourself to make the planet a better place.

Eat Plants 🙂

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What Does It Mean To Live?

What Does It Mean To Live?

Do you take the time to observe everyone and everything when traveling outside?

While coming out of the train station here in Brooklyn, I noticed a group of pigeons in a social setting. It was a very entertaining sight to see, because the female pigeons were walking about trying to eat but the male pigeons were making attempts to court them. The male pigeons being a distraction to the female pigeons meal time kept them walking in circles with constant rejections. You’d think that they would learn the lesson but no. Unfortunately a car came in all of them flew away which inspired this particular blog post.

Animals are not that much different from us human beings. They want to eat, sleep, have shelter, and relationships with each other. That’s fair. What gives some of the human race the right to take these necessities from them? So many questions to ask yet the answers don’t add up. When you’re a kid you desire to play, be free, explore, and have fun with barely any restrictions. These were the times where everything made sense and was aligned with our essence. However, somewhere along the journey of our lives something changed. To some it’s for the better and some for the worse.

For me, I thought the point of life was to go to school, get a job, have a significant other, bring kids into the world, retire, and rest in peace. Some of you may be living with this concept of reality. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with it however for those open minded, there are unlimited possibilities for you to choose. You are here to experience life in abundance and alignment to your true passions in life. When is probably the question which is answered at the time you start working toward the fulfillment of your life. Before you even get to that part you still have to figure out who exactly you are because we are all here for a specific purpose.

Think of a chicken that’s born. He/she is already dependent on the mother to eat, get nurtured and grow on his/her into their own just like us. They have a mind and free will that seeks food, shelter, water, and social relationships. Pain, love, joy, and bathroom time is something that they’ll experience like us. However, it’s part of their purpose to live and experience. They may fight, play, love, hate, or be angry so who right is it to unnaturally take away from them? Not us.

Your meaning in life is defined by the actions you take in life, whether good or bad. You have the personal choice to change or continue the current path that you’re on. It’ll take a lot of bumps along the road depending on who you are. Coming from a military background, then to college, and dropping out to being an entrepreneur in real estate or business let you know it’s never too late to change or adapt. See your purpose in life and make a way to be one with it. One day your physical won’t be here anymore so ask yourself what landmark you decided to leave for humanity.

What does it mean to live to you?

Life Is What You Make It

Life Is What You Make It

On the road to finding your meaning in life, you’ll realize it will continue to grow and expand as time goes on. Why? Who you are in the current moment could be a completely different next week. You may be about that vegan lifestyle but become a raw foodist because of something you learned. Life really is what you make out of it.

The secret recipe in shaping your life is according to your thoughts, choices, and actions. What you think about constantly in the mental realm has an effect on the physical realm. Especially if your emotions are attached to the vision(s) you have. For example, during my first year in college I had visions of getting A’s or A-‘s for final grades. Of course that doesn’t come easy. This is where choices had to be made which started with questions to ask myself, such as how the heck can a brotha that just left the military and haven’t been to school in years get high grades. At the end of the day when you desire something, you have to figure it out a choice to act on. Next came the action part where massive amount of studying was applied during the weekdays and weekends. Very intense, however made to for PS3 online because gaming was one of the things I loved to do on downtime. The end result was shocking because it was the first time a true meaningful vision came to fruition. A’s and A-‘s which validated the mental science learned from independent studies.

You see, there are no accidents in the universe. We are exactly where we deserve to be which the universal law of cause and effect has taken place. If you want an effect to something, then you have to focus on the causes. Nothing is new under the sun. It was written. THINK of what got you to where you are right NOW. You must realize to change or be the change in your life in order to make life worth living. On the other side of the coin, your choice could be consciously negative and that’ll more than likely be what you attract in your life. Is that fair?

From experience of being an entrepreneur and being affiliated with other people on a similar path, you can see why they’re at in the present moment. Challenges are expected in the lines of being an owner but if it’s in an abundant amount, then you have to ask what have you done to be in that position. On a brighter note, others are reaching massive success in their lives, such as manifesting the dream that they’ve longed for in the process of creating their illusions. For example, a Scorpio female I know severed ties with the W-2 life to become an independent burlesque dancer and teacher of the dance arts. To see someone live their dream and love it is fascinating because the whole unfortunately chooses not to. Success in itself is open to interpretation. What’s your definition of success?

What you make out of your life is your responsibility. As a wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility. Now go manifest your visions 🙂

Why Do You Wake Up?

Why Do You Wake Up?

You ever woke up in the morning and realized it has become a routine part of life?


If you reached this point in your life, then it may be time for you figure out what you live or die for because existing without purpose is meaningless. You have hidden abilities to create magic in your life that the rulers of the material world have done an awesome job concealing this fact.

What do you think of the most throughout your day which makes you feel HYPE and ENTHUSIASTIC?

How can you monetize that into an income producing asset in your life?

Who do you want to provide this product or service in order to serve them so you don’t have to be concerned of money again?

These are three questions most people don’t think about; however this is truly your red and blue pill moment. You take the blue pill and exit out of this blog post. Or, take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes into the unknown realm where your thoughts, choices, and actions may create a new world you never thought was possible.

As you can see, I’ve recently watch the movie called “The Matrix” recently LOL. Don’t judge me, gosh darn it.

What’s next after choosing the red pill?

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and work toward the realization of your ambition. If it was easy then better believe that everyone would you.


Your Thoughts, Choices, and Actions

Your Thoughts, Choices, and Actions

Would you believe it if someone told you that in order to create your reality in life, then you must control your thoughts, choices, and actions?


Sounds simple yet most people don’t believe so their lives are the way they are because of their own thoughts, choices, and actions.

Isn’t that funny?


The same thing they don’t believe is the same damn reason they’re jacked up.

A few days ago, I went food shopping and had an interesting conversation with the cashier at the register that went like this:

Me: How’s the flow of life?
Cashier: Good.
Me: Why not great?
Cashier: Because I’m not rich.
Me: Shouldn’t you be making moves like a rich person should?
Cashier: You right. (Thinking about what was just asked.) Or, I can wait for you to get rich and give me some of that money.
Me: LOL. You’re funny.

Where is the world coming to?

However, let’s break down what happened.

  • He wants to be rich but hasn’t made an action plan to get from point A to Z.
  • He wants to leech off someone else that put in the work, which is a choice.
  • The only action taken is doing the same thing every day except something different to reach the goal or theme of being rich.

Here’s a simple view on how to get rich in the matrix.

Think of different passions you have and how it could help serve others as well as nourishing your soul.


Choose the top 3 that you would love to continue working on the rest of your life, even after retirement years.

Finally, take action on creating a system of monetizing your passions so that way you have your livelihood taken care of and still doing what you love.

Whether its business ownership or investing, the choice would be up to the person.

How do you believe your thoughts, choices, and actions could help shape your reality?

Destroy & Rebuild

Destroy & Rebuild

In life, we have important choices to make in order to help or deter our personal growth. A wise person once said that challenges doesn’t build character, it reveals character. This particular entry is inspired by a certain event which recently occurred in life with my cell phone.


How would you feel if your cell phone got restored due to an error from a software update and some of your information wasn’t able to be retrieved?

Let the story begin…… Lol

On Friday, the cellphone decided to update on its own while at the movies, however the battery was already at a low percentage. To save energy, I decided to put the cell on airplane mode. Later in the day, took it off airplane mode to continue the download. After that it asked to restart the cell in order to update everything. So, a brother is like “awesome” and finally gets this over with. Then, that’s where shit started to hit the fan.

The phone was unable to get a phone signal, unable to check text messages, no longer to call people, and certain apps didn’t work. LMAO, the positive side was wi-fi was still accessible to certain apps like email accounts. The great thing is having a landline still comes in handy when situations like this happen. After a long conversation with customer service from the phone provider, they informed me that one option would be to restore the phone from scratch or re-flash the system; however info already on the phone would remain.

It’s all fun and games until you travel for an hour to find out the truth are both methods would delete everything anyway……. However, the representative let me know the machine would back up photos, videos, and contacts. The same time he said that, I was thinking of creative ways to save the other files, which ended up working out. Unfortunately, the whole process took HOURS which had me there from about 11am to bout 6pm.

Needless to say, most people would be frustrated and furious. In my opinion, you have every right to be however it’s a matter of choice because of the free will we’re born with. You see, I was wondering the whole time why this situation occurred until it hit me that sometimes in life you have to DESTROY & REBUILD yourself in order to become stronger than who you were yesterday. A random lady with a cell challenge spoke to me and what I said made her feel better. What I said was “Unforeseen negative things happen to us to test our faith in the universe. You can let the negative energy hurt you or use it in order to help you create a better outcome for yourself.” Her eyes lit up and she was happy she took the time to chat with me.

Moral of the Story

  1. Back up ALL of your cellphone information at least once a month.
  2. Do not put cellphone on airplane mode when it’s in the process of updating.
  3. Some professionals will not tell the entire truth.
  4. When it seems like something important has been taken away, rebuild stronger than ever.

What story can you tell us that relates with this one?