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How To Control Overeating As A Vegan

How To Control Overeating As A Vegan

So, you’re vegan but find yourself eating way more than you should?

Have you gained a noticeable amount of weight and confused because of eating the vegan way?

Life is complexing if you believe it to be. Sometimes we have to remember how simple it really is if we really pay attention. There are always hidden clues for us to see what’s brought to the surface. Growing up, I used to eat way more than was probably recommended from the average dietician. I was a true fat ass at heart which loved to eat as much food and foodstuff as possible.  This may have been the reason of me being chubby during those years lol.

These days from my understanding of proper food sources and certain way of eating, I don’t feel as hungry or the need to really eat so much as others because of the nutrient dense food from nature. Unfortunately, there’s information out there misleading people with the vegan lifestyle on the correct foods to eat. Chances are that if you consume the wrong foods then you’ll pay for it by your body’s need to keep eating until the proper nourishment is necessary within.

How come some vegans overeat?

The reasons vary. However, they relate on a mind, body, and spirit level when you think about it. There’s something going on in your mind for you to keep thinking about food, which keeps you going for more vegan food to eat. Your body continues to require more food because of missing nutrients that triggers one to keep you on the mission for more vegan noms. Lol, believe me I know that feeling very well. You think you’re done eating whatever vegan comfort food, then a few minutes later you want more hahaha. Then, your soul could be empty which food has become a source for compensating the emptiness which could be the root cause of your overindulgence.

There have been days when my mind was fixated on vegan mac and cheese or raw unsalted cashews. Once a taste of it been achieved, then the bit of over indulgence may have occurred lol. Freaking a whole bag of the cashews would be done in a day. Why? Because my mind seems to have had an addiction to them, which some of you cashew lovers may relate. Whatever food is on your mind gives you the opportunity to be aware of who or what is really in control. These days I barely have cashews because of the realization that the mind I possess is stronger than cashews or other vegan comfort food. Some of may not realize the nutrient deficient chemical laced vegan food somehow effects your mind and brain for coming back for more. To overcome situations that call for self-control with your mind to move toward natural foods your overeating may cease overtime. Raw vegan is an option.

Your body speaks to you metaphorically in a lot of ways. There’s a reason it makes you do things like eating more than you have to. Some overeat to fill an emptiness and side. You ever noticed how people, especially females love their sweets? Subliminally could mean that nothing sweet is going on in their lives so they compensate with the sugar vegan goodies. However, that’s a potential though. To control your body desire for continued food consumption, then pay attention to the food or foodstuffs going inside. What you eat is a reflection of you and what’s not designed for you naturally may stick inside of you. When you notice yourself eating way too much than necessary, question yourself whether if it’s a necessity for your temple of god.

Your soul is not your body. It may be damaged to a degree that overeating is a mechanism to make your soul feel whole again. Think that could be a reason for my overeating of food as a kid. Wasn’t vegan then, but sure would’ve had the same challenge. Guess the pain of no pops around and an abusive mother could do that to a young buck; however it is what it is. Another way you can probably resolve your spirit challenge is to let go of the negative blockages and transmute the left over energy to meaningful things on your remaining time on earth.

If any of this resonated with you then Scooby doo. Eat with awareness and love every natural bite homie.

Eat plants 🙂

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4 Ways To Check Your Vegan Ego

4 Ways To Check Your Vegan Ego

Does being vegan give you super powers?

If you ever seen the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World then you’re aware how special you are with the vegan gifts you’ve acquired. However, you should watch out because it doesn’t mean that you’re better than most people lol. Click here to understand the reference and continue to read on.

Believe me; I understand the vegan pride that comes with the lifestyle because you really are making an impact with your choice. Like most groups, you’ll always have people that take the lifestyle too far and show a side to the humanity that makes the vegan tribe get stereotyped and viewed as crazy. Fuck them. They’re not perfect so they have no right to judge, however there are still times where your ego needs to get checked before you wreck yourself in some form.

The first way to check your vegan ego is to realize not everyone is at the same level as you on your journey. They don’t understand or care to the level as the vegan community so let them figure out the ills of their actions like most of us have. I know what it’s like to be around people that eat flesh like it’s nothing and me acting all righteous like eating vegan is superior. Yes, in the beginning stages I may have been a bit of a vegan egotistic dude but the passion was ignorantly charged at that point. It’s like you really want to assist in eliminating as much animal cruelty as possible but your passion can sometimes get the best of you. Check your ego by thinking how your actions can impact the situation in a negative way, then learn how to ask the right questions to make people think. No one likes people talking at them.

The second way to check your vegan ego is by not judging other vegans. You’d be surprised how some people with the lifestyle ridicule other vegans because of wearing a leather belt, leather shoes, down winter coat, or etc. Not everyone has the financial means to buy new vegan apparel and have to settle with what they had beforehand. No one is perfect and others with the vegan lifestyle. You’d be surprised of the occasions on certain vegan facebook groups how bashing gets started and elevate. For those that is judging out there, remember to treat others how you want to be treated and imagine how you’d feel if someone did the same to you.

The third way to check your vegan ego is breathe in and out calmly when another pokes fun at the vegan way of living. People respond differently in certain situations, however if you’re the type of herbivore that’s set in their plant based ways and would negatively respond to the jerk, then ego has taken over. I get it, you’re strong in your beliefs and saving innocent sentient beings but your negativity won’t solve much except your satisfaction. You ever heard of the saying “kill them with kindness”? That is how you can tastefully get your point across. Easier said than done, however you’re greater than your ego so no need to let it control you.

The fourth way to check ego yourself is reminder that being vegan is one aspect to YOU. Yes, most parts of your life are most likely linked to the vegan lifestyle. It’s also healthy to be strong in your conviction because it is a passion that most of us have within and without. Whether other people know it or not is not their business, unless they are cooking for you and should know ASAP what you can and cannot eat or what to give you as far as gifts. It’s probably a slap in the face if someone buys you a leather jacket while knowing your ethics, which gives an opportunity for the vegan ego to come out. What would you do in this situation?  You can check your ego by accepting the situation for what it is and giving or donating it to another because of your beliefs. If the person asks in the future why you haven’t worn it, then you could inform them why you can’t. This is one of many examples of how you can go about this situation; however it’s your free will that decides how to check your ego in the situation. You’re more than a title.

You got the vegan juice homie. What you do with it is up to you. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Cool beans?

If you know someone that wants to learn how to transition to the vegan lifestyle simply online then have them click here.

Eat Plants


How I Handle Cleansing Symptoms When Eating Raw Vegan

How I Handle Cleansing Symptoms When Eating Raw Vegan

Don’t you love running full speed to the toilet when your body is releasing the unnecessary from the system when eating raw vegan? I do, because it makes great cardio in the end. All jokes aside, was eating fruits and herbs only for a few days recently and was shocked how frequent the peeing was at the time.

You ever noticed that happening to you?

You start a detox or cleansing regimen and next thing you know at some point a lot of fluid seems to come out for a period of time. It makes great for an alarm clock when you’re in deep sleep then keep waking up because nature calls. We should rejoice when things like this occurs because our body is signaling us that a bit of the toxins we had from introducing our body is getting eliminated. How I handle this is knowing in advance to cleanse during the days I know I don’t have to go out far because sometimes it can be a hassle frequenting the toilet to do number one or two.

Ever noticed your skin breaking out while you cleanse?

It’s funny, when a brotha is holistically eating vegan then the skin is clear. Soon as I start going raw, it’s like whatever toxins that’s been creeping in the body gets forced out via the skin. From my understanding, I believe what’s happening is because the body is healing at a fast regenerating state, some parts of the body, ie the skin, will use that part of the body as a process for elimination. No need to freak out if it’s happening to you. There’s a term known as the healing crisis, which in simpler terms means things get worse before they get better. Because I’m a dude, a bit of pimples is not that big of a deal. However, for the females out there that really want to clear up their situation may seek clay to accelerate the healing of the skin. Moroccan red clay may work wonders for your face and also the hair/scalp. Research it :0

Did you start to feel fatigue out of nowhere?

It’s so weird. One minute you’re all energized feeling like a superhero, then you start feeling tired and want to sleep at random times of the day. Rejoice! When you rest, the body seems to repair and heal, right? It’s like a sign from the divine that our cleansing period from eating raw appears to require rest in order to regenerate. I used to wonder why that happened until did a few research on the “oracle” of knowledge from google. We flush out all the toxins at a fast rate with raw natural foods, so it make sense the overworking of our internal energy will make us require rest to recuperate from within. I handle this part of cleansing by taking short naps if possible if I’m working from home. If out, then would have to keep on moving on until getting back home at some point. How do you handle this cleansing symptom?

Ever noticed body aches out while you cleanse?

Lol, this is how you know the part that’s aching insides is acid. Healing sometimes can be a pain in the neck. The last time I was raw vegan, I had a neck ache that took a while to normalize. At first, figured the way I slept was wrong like most people lol. However, it dawned on me how it randomly occurred earlier in the day after waking up perfectly fine. Sometimes we deserve the pain we get when violating our bodies from within. How I handle the ache is praying to the divine is I don’t turn my neck the wrong way for excruciating pain. You know that feeling, don’t you? LOL.

What about experiencing cravings as a symptom?

You never miss a good tasting thing until it leaves you. Then again, when it comes to food it’s the variety we shouldn’t eat like starch, fried foods, and/or cooked food in general. Am I the only one that fantasizes about vegan mac & cheese, chickn, french fries, quinoa, cashew cheese cake, and etc. when fully raw? It’s like the body seriously goes into this mode of seeking food it’s used to having on a regular and sparks an impulse to crave foods we are purposely not consuming for the time being. This is where discipline comes into play and why it’s important. How I handle the cravings are remembering what’s more important for the body as a whole. It’s all free will at the end of the day. Self-control should be your goal when the cravings come up.

As weird as this may sound, we should be grateful and happy for the symptoms we get from cleansing because it may be a sign of healing 😉 Isn’t that part of why we detox or cleanse anyway?

Eat plants


4 Things This Vegan Does To Stay In Shape

4 Things This Vegan Does To Stay In Shape

You’re probably wondering why somebody that lives a vegan lifestyle does things to stay in shape. If you think vegans eat only salads and are all skinny, then you need to get the memo on what time it is in the world. A brotha is still enthused that vegan females have the capacity for having a big booty. If you’re asking yourself how that is possible, even I was surprised to see the different vegan beauty out there to view. The vegan tribe comes and all sizes when it comes to the body and it’s because of the food or foodstuffs they choose to eat.

On the vegan journey, the first 12 months I ate primarily whole foods until I got introduced to a variety of vegan comfort foods. Being a true fat ass at heart, you can say that I may have overindulged with the options that were provided from vegan restaurants. Next thing you know my abs weren’t as visible as they used to be, however I was still making muscle gains during the process. Going to vegan events and connecting with vegans online, I notice all of the beautiful food shared and the extra weight people embodied physically. It mind-boggled me at the time but then when putting pieces of the puzzles together on what people and myself were eating it may logical sense why we were gaining extra “waste” on our bodies.

When you put foreign foods inside of your body, apparently it doesn’t digest properly, then stays inside your body until you eat natural and cleansing plant foods. Preferably, it’s best to have in their raw state of course. At the moment, I’ve been eating fruits and herbs only for the past four days which have been purging the vegan comfort food that’s been eaten after that long fruit feast journey. It’s amazing how awesome the body is at regenerating itself. Yes, there are people out there that can literally eat anything and not any type of fat on their body because of their high metabolism, which also counts of those same types of people living a vegan lifestyle. However, this is just me sharing my perception on what I’ve seen from past experience.

The first thing I do to stay in shape with the vegan lifestyle is drinking primarily water every day. It sounds so simple yet it seems a lot of people love their soda, alcohol, synthetic juices, wine, dairy milk, protein shakes, and etc. Some of those same people barely drink straight water at all and wonder why their health is where it’s at. Water is very simplistic and helps the body in many ways while helping to flush the system of toxins in the body. What I’ve learned as far as how much water should be consumed in a day, is you take your body weight in pounds then divide that by two and that’s how many ounces of water to drink in a day.

The second thing I do to stay in shape with the vegan lifestyle is to eat at certain times during the day. Intermittent Fasting played a key role in me staying fit since 2011, before being vegan. My eating windows are usually between the hours of 12 PM to 8 PM. Have learned that breakfast time is the best window for eating the most throughout the day and around dinnertime is best to eat less now what we had for breakfast for digestion purposes. How true is that? It works out for me so can only speak of my personal experience. The leanness of my body is probably because of this way of eating in my opinion.

The third thing that I do to stay in shape with the vegan lifestyle is exercising Monday to Thursday mornings after waking up. It takes real discipline to continue this regimen; however it’s proved to be very beneficial in the long run. Growing up chubby and eating all the food that anybody gave to me because of my fat tendencies LOL. Exercising was never a thing of my mind until I turned 16 and lost one arm wrestling match to one of my close friends. Because I wanted to win a rematch, I decided to take my weight training class more serious instead of looking all the females and hiding behind the machines LOL.

The fourth thing I do to stay in shape with the vegan lifestyle is to minimize or remove unnecessary stress in life. Sometimes we forget that our feelings and emotions play a role in our physical body. A couple years ago before I was vegan, when overly stress from working in the Navy I used to eat in excess and drink alcohol to satisfy my mood. However, without exercising at the time it played a role in weight gain. Many people handle stress differently but in some cases they handle it with eating sweets, excessive food, junk food and/or etc. to satisfy the stress load that they let control or affect them. These days a brother is wiser on how he handle stress. From meditation, listening to healing frequencies, working with crystals, and using the power of mind. This helps to take control of my life and release what doesn’t serve me so I become light, instead of being heavy.

Staying in shape is simple and most people usually claim to know what to do but lack the discipline to do what’s necessary to be in shape. To the vegan fam bam out there, the key to staying fit is the whole food plants. Vegan comfort food will get you if you have too much of it hypothetically speaking, true?

Eat Plants 😉


How To Handle The Vegan Blues?

How To Handle The Vegan Blues?

On your vegan journey, there may be times that you may be feeling blue. This can be for one of many reasons, for example the alone feeling, no one gets you, all of your vegan connections are outside of your area, no romantic relationship, or etc. I’m here to let you know that you’re not alone. Although you may have glorious days because of living with the vegan decision 100%, it’s what gives satisfaction on your down days. Be grateful for both because that’s what gives life meaning.

In this vegan soul journey of mine, I personally my fair share of vegan blues. Why you may ask? Because like you I’m a spiritual being having a human experience to learn lessons from every action and decisions made in life. Sometimes feeling like a minority around a majority can be painful because not being understood makes others form their own perception of you, however self has the free will of choosing to mirror that same emotion. It’s like you can go to an event and be surrounded by people that say things nonchalant which relates to the animal suffering of some kind. The first year walking the path of the vegan lifestyle, I had to make the decision of letting go certain relationships with people because of their lack of understanding of what it’s about and being jerk offs. Probably wasn’t the right decision however sometimes in life you got to do what you gotta do and accept the repercussions that come later. However, those same people that made fun of you will come back to you later agreeing that you was right all along. What you need to understand is that people are where they’re at mentally, spiritually, and physically. Understanding that alone can or may help you overcome the vegan blues when dealing with relationships of others going away, because you decided to cut ties off.

When it comes to romantic relationships the love you attract is usually a reflection of you. It goes without saying at this current moment that females outnumber males in the vegan department. So if y’all strictly want a male vegan partner, the wait may be longer for you. Hence, the start of your vegan blues when it comes to relationships on a romantic level. I have met females that have compromised and got involved with a carnivore-like or vegetarian partner. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t but it’s understood why it doesn’t work out in the long run. For me, I take romantic relationships very seriously because every beginning has an end. Of course I prefer a vegan female to connect with on a romantic level however love is more than just about what someone eats. It’s a holistic feel. Sometimes it could be a bit lonely; however you’re really not alone because this person out there meant for you exist just not physically at the moment. The anticipation of what’s really meant for you to come fill you with more happiness because sometimes assess make the heart grow fonder. The energy it takes for you to be sad or depressed because you don’t have a romantic love that you long for, could be used to create and manifests something else. In essence a form of transmutation, so let that be your inspiration for reaching your highest destiny in this life time.

You ever found yourself eating at vegan restaurant by yourself? Chances are that’s your choice because usually there are other people that you can easily connect with instead of keeping to yourself. Yes, I get it. If people you connect with may not have the time or choose not to make time to eat vegan way and you may not want to compromise and being around flesh eating people. Sometimes to keep the connection with humans, a compromise is in order to keep balance in a relationship. If you feel down because your meals aren’t exciting without people to share it with, then you’re more than welcome to communicate with people around the area you’re eating at. No need for the vegan blues in this department. It’s just a sign that you need to integrate with everybody and learn your style of adapting to all situations. For me, solitude is a wonderful feeling though lol.

If most of your vegan connections are out of state or country, then it’s time for you to potentially step up and become a vegan leader in your area. Easier said than done right? New York City is like one of the meccas to be around live vegans and I’m here. Truth be told, if I was in a situation where being around like-minded vegans then what create opportunity online and the local area to come together. A friendly reminder, just because somebody has the same eating habits or lifestyle as you does it mean that you will have instant connection to develop a meaningful relationship. Like most things in life, it’s holistic. Be happy with what you have now and integrate with others as best as you can, and don’t let the negative feelings of not having people with the same views as you lower your state of mind.

It’s perfectly normal to feel down every now and then my friend. The rainy days makes you appreciate the sunny days 😉 You are in control of your feelings so when outside circumstances affect you, it’s your decisions on how to react which matters most.

Eat plants 🙂


Should Parents Lose Custody For Making Their Child Eat A Vegan Diet?

Should Parents Lose Custody For Making Their Child Eat A Vegan Diet?

It’s 2017 and people still don’t know how to properly eat or feed their children. Could it be because of all the abundant information out there? Or, the challenge of deciphering what’s real or fake? The other day a soul companion of mine sent me two links, which will be shared at the end of this post about vegan parents. One family lost custody of their seed being malnourished from eating vegan and other parents being jailed due to a vegan diet being forced on their baby. Unfortunately their 11 month old died which is such a tragedy because if they were equipped with the correct information and applying such a natural way of living could have been prevented.

This is crazy in my opinion. Before my soul companion sent me the links and told me how parents were losing their kids because of something as simple as making them vegan puzzled the heck out of me. When it comes to eating in a plant based way, it’s very important to know what is really natural and not, because if you get caught up with eating or consuming unnatural foodstuff then of course you’ll have challenges with you. If you have a baby, it’s very important that you put the correct information in action. In one of the stories, they fed their baby soy milk and apple juice. Soy is acid to the body and by no means should be inside of a baby. If it’s as acidic as plastic then why would you consume it yourself or let a baby drink the milk from soy? Many people are under the assumption through advertisement and etc. that soy is okay for you to eat however if you do your own independent research you’ll realize that it’s not something that is nourishing to the body. When or if I have my own child, I know immediately to have them consume at least moringa formula or other plant based sources that are alkaline to the body. It’s nutritious for the body and the first thing that came to mind was moringa formula for young bucks growing up and stuff. Nutrition is very important; however the source is equally important.

There are reasons for a parent or parents to lose custody. Abuse, neglect, improper guidance and etc. could be some, however these things occur yet barely anything happens against them. So why should being vegan be one of them if done properly? If you’re reading this, then you probably have common sense to read between the lines. And one of the articles it was mentioned that family members and friends weren’t for their choices to put their kids on a plant-based diet. They say ignorance is bliss, but sometimes it makes you wonder where people get their beliefs from. It’s like they prefer to feed themselves and others foodstuff that don’t belong inside of the body which over time becomes a detriment to one’s health as well as another. I’m literally scratching my head now trying to figure out how this all happened. Isn’t it more dangerous to put on and allow things inside of the newborn detrimental chemicals that make them sicker? It should be okay for families to put the newborns on a vegan way of eating, however it should make sure to do their own research on how to probably feed them. Because life can be loss of doing improperly in which we seem for those out in a world. Your story of why you live this way of living can or may impact others.

To the vegan parents out there, remember that vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, amino acids and etc. are life. If you or your loved ones don’t live in that way properly, then expect negative things to happen in some shape or form. This is a learning process and you’re not expected to be perfect but to lose your child just for living in a cruelty-free way isn’t fair. Don’t be scared, just be aware and make the right moves when it comes to you and your vegan new born because little by little the vegan minority will become the vegan majority one day.

Eat fruits 🙂

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