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5 Ways To Be Vegan

5 Ways To Be Vegan

You can learn a lot about the vegan lifestyle after four years of living it. My initial thought was that all vegans were created equal, in the sense that they were all skinny or in shape.


LOL! The funny part was I thought there wouldn’t be any big booty vegan women to look at once I decided to go back to the courting game. Overtime, it seemed my thoughts were wrong because people with the vegan lifestyle came in different shape and sizes. Puzzled, I’d ask what they were eating and lo and behold things started to make sense.

This means that if you’re someone that loves extra weight on your mate, then you can still look forward to having it. Here are 5 ways that you may continue being vegan.

  1. Ethical Vegan
    As an ethical vegan, you don’t eat flesh, dairy, by products of flesh, and avoid animal products such as leather. Thank goodness there’s a possibility for this person to be thick in the right places because vegan comfort food would be eaten.
  2. Raw Vegan
    As a raw vegan, you eat strictly plant based diet with food that hasn’t been cooked over 105 degrees to 115 degrees. I’ve met raw vegans along the journey and have notice how fit and healthy they appear. Haven’t seen one with a big booty yet. Fingers crossed.
  3. Plant Based Vegan.
    As a plant based vegan, you eat no meat, dairy, or processed foods. These kinds of people really glow because of what they eat comes from nature. From experience, I’ve noticed them appearing fit, however unclear due to what they eat or due to exercise.
  4. Dietary Vegan
    As a dietary vegan, you don’t eat flesh, dairy, but not focused on animal-free clothing or products. This means they still eat processed vegan food which may mean thick in the right places kind of vegan. Starting to see the trend?
  5. Green Vegan
    As a green vegan, you’re similar to ethical vegan, however you want to reduce carbon footprint in the atmosphere.


Now you have an idea why vegans come in different shapes and sizes.

The question to ask now is……..

Which kind of Vegan are you and why?