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Spicy Vegan Mac & Cashew Cheese

Spicy Vegan Mac & Cashew Cheese


So the other day cashews and mac with cheese were on the mind. Went online to the oracle knowledge, aka google, and found chickpea/lentil spirals.

May not be macaroni but close enough gosh darn it lol. So, I was thinking of all the vegan cheese alternatives which led me to cashew cheese. Unfortunately, a lot of the cashew cheese recipes didn’t vibe with me until I decided to magically create my own version.

What’s in my version?

I pretty much made the cashew cheese into the sauce version which pretty much included adding about as much water as cashews in the blender with two bananas, sea salt, and one squeezed lemon. After the grande finale of mixing everything together in a bowl, I sprinkled cayenne pepper on top and it was a blissful taste worth eating once a week.


Because a great thing should be tasted once in a blue moon lol.

Would you eat something like this?

Stay true to you and it fruits.

How Would You Feel If Life Was A Dream?

How Would You Feel If Life Was A Dream?

Every day we wake up from a dream or nightmare. The place where possibilities are limitless and fascinating when you know how to control the dream realm. We can do things such as running faster than a speeding bullet, have and use super strength, fly, walk through walls, breathe under water and etc.

Can you tell how wild my dreams can be? Lol

Will not get into the dreams where a brotha is eating a whole vegan meal just to wake up full as if it was real then get angry because none of it was real in this material world.

Don’t judge.

Anyway, we all sleep to get our rest and rejuvenate our body for the hours we get at night. During this repetitive process you may start to question if this current realm is another dream to wake up from.

Is this what they mean by sleep is the cousin of death?

We could have already passed away and this lifetime is just a long dream to one day to remember to become the creator of our own lives. You don’t have to sleep to create magic in that dreamland.

If this life we live is a dream, then what happens next?

You live with awareness and are confident enough to put practical use of what can be done to manifest the life we live. I still think this self-realization came to me and made the changes to live my making. Of course sacrifices are to be made and obstacles come along the way, however these experiences are necessary for growth. Plus, in the next dream we won’t have to through similar hardships or accomplishments.

Most people at the moment are trapped in their own minds by channels and programs created by others. The funny part is what we accept is a reflection of who we are whether we like it or not. It’s like you can learn something new and apply to get a good or bad results. Overtime we get better at most things with continued practice, but in a dream we can master anything once our mind and faith are aligned. Sure it’s a different dimension, however is it different because that’s how we was programmed to believe it to be or is that just how it is. Who really knows is your higher self.

If you’re reading this, then there’s a strong possibility you understand this in some shape or form. Your lives are what you make it and believe it to be. Accepting it as another dream world is your choice. However, from here on out just make sure you keep enhancing yourself to make the planet a better place.

Eat Plants 🙂

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How Much Do You Really Love Animals?

How Much Do You Really Love Animals?

This is a question that higher-self had asked me in the summer of 2012. Why? Because, when you’re working on improving yourself and becoming one with love, your energy changes which brings celestial-like thoughts into your head. Yes, even as someone carnivore-like can raise their frequency. The last time a visit was made to the zoo, could see the pain and sorrow in the eyes of most of the animals but couldn’t understand why. It’s not until you do your own research and see what’s going on behind closed doors in certain establishments that truth can be so wicked. However, I’m getting a bit ahead of the game lol.

Let’s get back to the summer. While observing the birds, cats, dogs, and squirrels while on the way to school, something deep hit me. Like, they just want to live and do their own thing like the human species. Granted some animals have to eat flesh in order to live, but not human beings. With that realization during the process of spiritual elevation, a brotha just knew that he could no longer be part of the problem. This includes investing into the animal agriculture. Whether you care or know about how damaging it is to buy animal products is your responsibility for the greater good of the planet. You know it’s starting to get bad when you got fried chicken, buttery biscuits, beef gravy stuffed in your mouth with grotesque images of how that was all created beforehand. LOL, memories I tell ya.

Why do you care about animals?

Maybe the real question is why you care enough to eat them because majority of people are genuinely good hearted. When I think of hens, chicken, pigs, fish and etc. it’s like we only ate them because of the assumption that they taste good and are nutritious. Isn’t it the seasoning that makes it taste “good” though? Why do we give authority to others and blindly follow the teachings that are taught in school? These are some of the questions asked years ago which made going vegan simple. However, there are people that for emotional or psychological reasons that’ll justify to continue to eat flesh or consume dairy. No need to debate, however just do the best you can to live your perception of life.

It’s possible to agree that there are many injustices going on in the globe, however whether you believe it or not, the human race pays for animal agriculture whether participating in it or not. Think about it, the health challenges a lot of people have that’s usually diet related. That affects the non-meat eating tribe as well because the loved one’s pain or death brings sorrow to them. You may know what it takes to heal naturally but your friend or family member still consumes what is adding insult to their injury. Before the animals even die, they release chemicals which pass on to the eater. Got karma? The living conditions are terrible and do you really think that’ll stop production on them for you to consume?

Before going vegetarian, the first meat I cut out was pork. Why? Because pigs eat poop and I’m not about that life lol. What pigs do is their business; however it makes sense why a lot of people are full of shit. Love is about acceptance so if that’s how they get down then leave them to it. Fouls eat poop too lol. Yet, people still happily eat them. Do you love them enough to no longer invest in their slaughter and having blood indirectly on the hands? If you’re on the vegan path or plant based, then high five to you my friend. If not, then you have the free will to do as you wish. However, just remember the karma you’re creating with every bite, visit to the zoo or circus, and wearing leather or silk. Another living sentient being had to suffer. Are you okay with that?

Love thy neighbor of all living on Earth.


How To Find Your True Love As A Vegan?

How To Find Your True Love As A Vegan?

Lol. That’s funny. Sun sign in Libra person talking about how to find love as a vegan. You can’t hear me at the moment, however for some odd reason the room is filled with laughter thinking about the topic. Be so kind to not judge the sense of humor. Anyway, some people that I’ve met on this vegan lifestyle journey seems to have had a challenge in relationships, a hard time finding the right partner for them, or compromised to have a mate that’s not vegan at all.

Some of you may transition with the lifestyle and be in a relationship already which is awesome. However, your partner will accept your choice, be against it, or not care at all. The potential problem is if they accept it and move on, then when y’all eat together then you’ll see blood on the table. Something you may not want to be a part of which is like you’re sleeping with the blood and dairy consumer which may put a strain on your heart and mind. Friction will most likely occur if your partner doesn’t agree, which could start the countdown until the relationship is over. How can a relationship last without compromise or agreement with a major lifestyle change? Personally, I’ve met those in situations where the partner respected the decision, so can only imagine challenges to come after this kind of disagreement. If your partner doesn’t care so long as they can eat what they want and understand that you won’t make it for them, then hakuna matata.

For the singles, you may want to rewire your thoughts to how you attract the right partner, instead of looking for them. Think of a magnet on how opposites attract. Sometimes in life when you look for something, you rarely get it but when you don’t seek then it comes. However, if you are still searching, then a brotha won’t leave you hanging lol. Bringing this up, because of the attraction of more females since becoming one with the vegan lifestyle had increased afterwards. Imagine that. If you’re looking for a potential mate with a vegan lifestyle, then first you have to ask yourself where a vegan would be. You’d be surprised of the connections you’ll make eating alone at vegan restaurant. Hint hint. Visit an animal sanctuary and commonality of visions will be very refreshing! On you should check for local vegan meetups to connect with. All these places so far mentioned are potential atmosphere to find the partner for you, however don’t let that be your main focus because your energy may repel the person of your desire.

Facebook groups and online dating websites may help; however remember to be like the magnet. Don’t look for finding your vegan partner because your desire may lead you to sadness. Let that desire disappear and focus on what really adds value to your life. At some point, the universe will send you your true soulmate.


How Safe Is Vegan Eating Really?

How Safe Is Vegan Eating Really?

Some of you may have read the title and scratched your head, while saying “What the heck?” lol, but that’s understandable. Most people transition to the vegan lifestyle for the health benefits but coming into this realm is going to take a lot of self-studying of what’s really natural for us to consume. In theory, if you’re going to eat the whole food plant based way, then your alley is veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes.

Not everyone that transitions will go the healthy way and will consume someone more of the vegan comfort food style. This means that however they ate before is primarily the same but with alternatives to the flesh and dairy foodstuff. Such as, the soy “chicken” “beef” “pork” “seafood” and etc. They’re all acidic because they’re not alkaline in nature so in the body, your cells will be like what the fuck again. It’s been in that state even when you ate the cookies, cakes, snickers, chips, and all of that. However, now there are vegan alternatives to almost everything you had before so now this type of person would be all happy with the cruelty free way of eating. Yet, it’s still cruel on the insides, but that’s none of my business. Of course the vegan alternatives aren’t as detrimental as the flesh and dairy to the body, however you should think of the saying where the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Recently, I stumbled across a vegan doctor by the name of Robert Morse on Youtube which gives a WEALTH of information about healing. Long story short, fruits and herbs are alkaline in nature that we as human beings were designed to consume. We can eat veggies; however it’ll be a lil hard on digestion allegedly. Have also learned how cooked foods are also a detriment to the health a bit. These concepts explained my health a lot from the past as far as how I personally ate. You think you’re doing well until you’re peeing yellow sometimes and feeling a way after eating a certain way. Had no clue how seeds and nuts were acidic to the body and I’m a lover of CASHEWS so it’s like I had to look up at the ceiling and contemplate life for a bit.

How I personally used to eat was 90% whole foods and 10% vegan comfort foods. A fair ratio in my opinion which includes a raw cleanse periodically in a year. After finding out this new info on top of Dr Sebi’s information about hybrid and alkaline plants, then it became experimentation time. On day 5 of fruits and herbs only and I feel even more super than when doing first raw detox. Who knew eating simple could make such a difference? We only live in this particular form once, so you have the choice on how the story goes, so make it worth it.

40 days of this practice will let me know if it’s something worth referring people I meet in person. All in all, it’s best you do the best you can do for YOU. Be the example you wish to see in the world to inspire others to better their well-being. Go fruit yourself and eat plants 😉


Do You Feel No One Understands You Now?

Do You Feel No One Understands You Now?

Congratulations! You’re witnessing the process of your personal growth in action. Did you think that adopting a vegan or new lifestyle would be so simple? Lol. It seems the jokes on you; however it’s a blessing in disguise. Now that you made the big decision, your frequency has changed so that you’ll attract circumstances that’ll fit your new vibration.

Does this make sense to you?

Let’s think about it for a second or maybe two. Majority of your life you’ve been moving in a certain way and attracted situations and people based on who you are as a person. Is this true or false? If you agree, then let’s continue. You may also want to take into account that the top five people you keep around are a reflection of you.

Now, you’re vegan which is a foreign concept to people in your life and they may not understand or care to adopt that lifestyle themselves. This is the part where you kind of have to brace yourself because now you want to express your new self as well as learn more about it but your top five not really into it because they’re still the same as before. Some will be cool about it and others may discredit it while trying to turn you back to your former self.

There may be a time when you haven’t attracted the right people in your life, thus feeling a bit alone due to no one understanding you. The feeling will be extremely realized when you find the first person that understands and you’ll have confirmation that you’re not crazy after all and doing something that benefits you and the planet as a whole. Your ultimate choice is how will you overcome being around those that don’t get you.

Will you remain close with them or seek others like that so you can feel at ease?

You’re a spiritual being having a human experience like most people here but at the end of the day you deserve better. Believe me when I say you’re not the only one to go through this challenge. I’ve been there but knew one day it’ll all be worth it because karma is in retrospect a gift and a curse. Because in theory you’re paying for all the ills you caused due to eating flesh and by-products of them. Then, because you made a more peaceful way of living, your positive choice will reap positive results to come your way.

How does what you read help you understand why you feel no one understands you now or in the past?